Storage is No more a Problem, Samsung Shipping 15.36TB SSD

Samsung announced that they are shipping SSDs with 15.36TB capacity which is the largest known capacity for SSDs till the date. SSDs recently taken over the role of the slow HDDs with their reliability. But the capacity of the Solid state drives always made a problem for the enterprise users who need a lot of storage. Even the speed is many times faster than the HDDs still they refuses to use them for enterprises due to the limited storage capacity available. But, no more the problem will make them hesitate of using them. The 15.36TB Samsung SSD is especially targeting the enterprise users to fulfill their storage needs.

Samsung combined their NAND and V-NAND technology chips to deliver the high capacity SSD that sized 2.5 inches. The design looks some more bulk as it wants to consist these high capacity chips inside. Under the hood, they combined the latest technologies by utilizing the best hardware to carry this much of high amount data inside. Samsung has been rolling out their SSDs in various forms with different capacities and performance. But, this one looks pretty much good as it is currently the largest available storage inside an SSD.

The price of the product is not yet confirmed by the company. But, Nevertheless to say that it will not be affordable for the regular users. As they are targeting the high-end business users, the price will be something huge. Owning it is not an option even for small scale businesses. Arrival of the product will definitely make a huge impact on the storage, and the HDD era will soon end. People still depending HDDs just because of the very lower price when compared to the Solid state drives. If the prices become more friendly, there is no chance for the HDDs any more.

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Samsung SSDs will also be available in 7.68TB, 3.84TB, 1.92TB, 960GB sizes making it affordable for various level of users. The pricing will be comparatively higher for the products as they are using the best hardware technology inside. If all comes good and the products reached the enterprises, there will be a huge impact on the data transfer and storage solutions like webhosting providers and cloud storage technologies.

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