What is Data Saver Mode in Android

Google has released the developer preview version of Android N which is exclusive for Nexus range devices. In our previous article, we guided how to install Android N on Nexus device. This tutorial will help you to install Android N on the suitable Nexus device using two methods. To simplify steps Google has released the OTA method and as well as the manual firmware update.

As we look to the next release of AndroidN, you’ll notice a few big changes aimed at you as developers: it’s earlier than ever, it’s easier to try and we’re expanding the ways for you to give us feedback. We hope these changes will ensure that you are heard and reflected — that’s what makes Android stronger.

What is Data Saver Mode in Android

Coming to this article title, the Android N is coming with Data Saver Mode. This feature is designed to save the cellular data on the mobile. In countries like India, the cellular net is still an expensive resource. With the Android N data saver mode, users can save their cellular data charges consumed by apps.

The data saver mode is accessible in Android N settings, which gives control over cellular data on apps. After enabling the data saver mode in the device it will block the background data usage consumed by apps.

This feature is really helpful to save money on the cellular data. Whether you are using a normal prepaid or post paid plan the cellular data is always expensive. In few cases data services are pretty costlier in roaming, this Android N data saver mode will help you get control over your cellular data usage of apps by metering them. If you are using Nexus with Android N it is always advisable to turn on the data saver mode.

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