Is VOIP Right For Your Business?

In recent years, figures have shown that many businesses are making use of VOIP – but is it the best system for your business? If you didn’t know, it stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol – essentially, using the internet to take telephone calls, sending voice data over the web more rather than down the phone line. It should come as no surprise that as cloud computing becomes easier and cheaper that VOIP is on the rise. We’ll talk about the pros and cons of the system.

Pro: Ease of Use

In the last decade we’ve seen the introduction of VOIP not just for businesses but for personal use – if you use Skype, Facetime, or Google Voice to talk to friends and relatives abroad, you’ll understand. These smaller programs are ideal for startup companies with few staff while bigger systems can be applied across small and large businesses. Just grab a hands-free headset and it’s easy for staff and customers or clients to interface with ease.

Pro: Increased Connectivity
There are professional services for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and putting your trust in a VOIP provider like Gradwell can save you a lot of hassle in the long run. Gradwell provides a range of connectivity options, so they can design and implement your cloud server and add the VOIP programming on top for a seamless, easy service free of limitations. Because of the cloud server connecting you, it’s easy for you to login to the system to answer calls if you’re working from home or out and about.

Pro: Low Cost
All you need are your cloud system, a headset, and a computer device – even a tablet will do in a pinch – so your kit is fairly cheap to begin with. You can avoid paying costly landline charges, and it will come as a relief to customers who hate the expense of business numbers. All you have to do is pay your business wifi costs, and you can focus on more important parts of your business.

Con: Signal Failure

Landlines and mobile phones will always have the advantage over computers in being immune to power cuts. The chance of phone lines going down is unlikely, and thus can be a safe backup to have for your business. Likewise, if your internet connection is weak or your server’s particularly busy, service will be slow and prone to freezes and cuts. When you’re trying to place an order or host a conference call, a slow connection will only frustrate your clients and you. Finally – and hopefully this will never be necessary, but emergency services cannot be called from a VOIP as it cannot track your location, so be sure to have a mobile phone handy in the office just in case.


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