Wondershare AllMyTube Video Downloader Review

Gone are the days where you repeatedly searched the whole internet for the best video downloading softwares. Every time, that ended up by reaching some spam websites that tagged as video downloaders. It is the time to have a break and try a new software that can help you out to grab your favorite videos with ease. Never again open the camera of your smartphone for recording computer screen.

Here comes the Wondershare AllMyTube video downloading software. Having the best features making it one of the best on the field. Faster downloading saves a ton of time without compromising the output quality. There is a lot to know about the software. So, let’s explore more.

What is Wondershare AllMyTube?

Wondershare AllMyTube is a software that supports downloading videos from a wide variety of websites. Getting your videos is not a nightmare anymore. With AllMyTube, it’s pretty much simple to make the task done. More than a simple video downloader, it power packs some nice additions including a converter, video player, and even a browser for searching videos. All comprised in a single software. A great interface, Useful set of features, Excellent output quality all puts it in a higher rank than other competitors.

Using AllMyTube, you could download almost any videos on the internet from a wide range of popular websites including YT, Vivo, Lynda, etc… Never leave your favorite videos behind. Have this software and grab them in your hard disk.

Features of the Wondershare AllMyTube

Wondershare AllMyTube power packs some catchy features empowering the video downloading. Easier ways of having the videos comprised inside the software with a bunch of features that set it stand unique from other regular video downloaders. So, let’s have a look at them.

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Supports 10,000+ Video Sites

As per the company, Wondershare AllMyTube supports downloading videos from more than 10,000 websites. They listed a very few of them in their website. The list contains all video giants including, YT, MTV, Vimeo, Lynda, Vevo, etc… It’s very rare to see such a huge collection in a single video downloader software. So, the Wondershare holds the honor. The Wondershare video downloader is a new face to video downloading.

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Record Screen

AllMyTube can record streaming videos with the inbuilt screen recorder feature. Users could record any of the streaming videos by clicking on the “Record Video” button on the main screen of the software. It can record any videos, playing on the screen from any website. It works just like a screen recorder software. Though there is no need for an additional screen recorder to have your favorite videos recorded.

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Convert Videos Right from the Software

Why wasting time by choosing an additional video converter? AllMyTube has its own inbuilt video converter that can convert the downloaded videos into almost any formats including AVI, MP3, MP4, WMV, etc… Users can change the settings to automatically convert downloaded videos to the pre-set formats. A great feature that can save a lot of converting time. 

Turbo Mode

If you are using a dead slow internet connection or having some troubles in getting speed, here is the “Turbo Mode” of the AllMyTube. Just turn on the Turbo Mode icon on the lower part of the window. The software will automatically boost your speed by optimizing the settings and bandwidth. Very useful for those who using mobile data or slow connections for downloading videos from websites.

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Built-in Video Player

The built-in video player helps to play the videos right from the software. No need to find out an extra video player for enjoying downloaded videos. Just browse the library and view the videos you like. It’s a unique feature that can’t be seen on regular video downloaders. So, AllMyTube holds this medal too.

Integrated Browser

To download videos, no need to find out an external browser. The Integrated browser can be accessed from the “Online Video” tab. While clicking on the tab, you will be given a list of the most popular video websites. You could opt them or find out the videos yourself using the URL bar on the upper portion. If you need a little more fun, you could browse the internet as you doing with any normal browsers.

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Schedule System Actions

Wondershare AllMyTube comprises a schedule feature that can give you some rest. No need to wait for the download to complete. Just schedule the actions like “Shutdown”, “Sleep”, or “Exit Program” and concentrate on other works. It is very helpful for those who download longer videos that sizes a lot. So, schedule the task and sleep all the night without having an eye on the screen.

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Transfer files to Mobile Phone

Usually, for transferring files from PC to mobile devices, you may be using USB connector cable. In the case of the AllMyTube video files, forget about that slow USB connection. Just install the wondershare player app on the mobile phone and scan the QR code on the software window. All done and the software will guide you through the rest.

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How to Download Videos Using AllMyTube

There are three ways to download videos using AllMyTube.

  1. Copy the video URL from the source and Paste it in the software by clicking on the “Paste URL” Button on the top-left side. The download will start automatically
  2. Just click on the “Record Video” button on the software and record the streaming videos from any website. The video will be saved to the software and can be accessed later
  3. Click on the “Download” button displayed on the top-right corner of a streaming video in a browser window.


  • Faster Download Speed
  • Supports downloading from 10,000+ websites
  • Copy-Paste Method to download videos
  • It can Pause the download and Resume later
  • Built-in Video Player
  • Schedule System Actions
  • Screen Recorder
  • Free version available
  • It can directly Transfer files to Mobile devices
  • Integrated Browser


  • Need Upgrade to enjoy some features


Wondershare AllMyTube is an All in one solution for downloading any of your favorite videos all over the internet. Never leave those favorite funny and educational videos there. Have this software and grab them from their roots. There are tons of videos waiting for you and the Wondershare AllMyTube is a right choice to grab them with ease. So, give it a try.

Wondershare AllMyTube Video Downloader Review
9.5 Overall
Value for money10

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      As per your request, we will be covering it soon.

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