ZDW Portable Waterproof Speaker Review

Portable speakers are available in many different models and in for many different needs. Recently, we found one affordable portable wireless speaker which features IPX4 waterproof. Also, it doesn’t stop just with a waterproof assurance. It further claiming for all the characteristics that a portable speaker has.

This Portable speaker connects wirelessly through Bluetooth to the devices, and it has a suction cup attached to the speaker. It enables us to hear the music anywhere with speaker sucked onto the wall.

Being priced at $15.99, all that got into my mind is how good this speaker is? Will this speaker capable of prolonged use? Other than this, about the Audio quality, sound and usability.

ZDW Portable Waterproof Speaker: First thoughts

When I looked into the speaker package, at first, It was packed in a safely sealed silicon box. That box gives protection to the speaker even the package drops. Mainly this kind of goods packing is always right, when we buy products from online shops. This gives an impression that everyone will get a good product on delivery and this package avoiding the damages during shipping.

Portable Wireless Hands-Free Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Then, I got impressed with its compact size. It is not too much small or too much big in size. It keeps a size that one hand can hold it comfortably and handle it completely. Secondly, the Silicon suction cup which can hold the speaker to any flat surface like walls, desks, cars or any other place with a flat surface.

ZDW Portable Waterproof Speaker: Design

As you looking in the pics of the speaker, it is small and square in shape with folded edges. On the backside Silicone Suction cup attached which is more than two third of the size of the speaker box. In the front side, five buttons made of rubber material are placed. They are the power button, Volume up, Volume down, Play and Pause and Call answer.

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On the top side surface of the speaker, charging port is located. This can be closed with a lid to avoid entry of water through the charging port. The buttons are also made of a rubber material to avoid water damages.

Detachable Suction Cup for Shower Pink

ZDW Portable Waterproof Speaker: Audio

This device got a 3W speaker with stereo sound. It can also stream the music. The audio is 100% Surround stereo output. Loudness is high for this small speaker. For the price of $15.99, you will never get this audio quality.

But, still it cannot be compared to the speaker that selling above $100. If you are expecting an HD Audio, you will never get even close in this. If you need a Bluetooth speaker with Suction Cup and Waterproof that also make you able to attend calls, then this is a good choice. You will never be disappointed with this audio quality which for me look like a $50 speaker’s sound quality.

ZDW Portable Waterproof Speaker: Usability

This speaker can be connected to any device that has a Bluetooth connectivity. iPhone or any Android phone could easily be connected in less than a minute. It can be used to attend calls. This speaker has a built-in microphone. So, both Audio Input and Output works flawlessly while attending calls.

Detachable Suction Cup for Shower

When we talk about hearing music, this speaker enables us to hear music anywhere using this. As I told in the beginning, this speaker is a waterproof made. It got IPX4 waterproof. It means this speaker won’t be damaged with the splash of water. So, using this in the Bathroom won’t be a problem.

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Those who wish to hear music while taking a shower can use this speaker. Also, if you don’t want to miss a call while you are in a swimming pool or bathroom, you can try this portable speaker instead of risking your smartphone that costs 20-40 times more than the price of this speaker.

A rechargeable Battery of 400mAh is the fuel tank for this speaker. It gives music playtime in average 3 to 4 hours.

ZDW Portable Waterproof Speaker: Verdict

For the price of $15.99, this is a great deal. This is a great money saver. If you are cost conscious and want to have an excellent speaker for any of your smartphone or laptop or MP3 Player, then this is a right choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for a high-class Speaker with great 5.1 Audio quality, forget this speaker.

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ZDW Portable Waterproof Speaker Review
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