How to Go Back to Windows 8 from Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest windows release from the Microsoft. But, something not right in the OS and it has the curse of many problems and buggies that causing some serious problems while using the OS. Automatic app deletion and the Chrome crashing issue was the most discussed problems among them. If you were upgraded to windows 10 from your previous windows 8 version, you will be comfy with the features and look but not with the buggies that are disturbing you frequently.

If you are one of them who need to roll back their windows 10 to the previous windows 8 version, this article could help you to do so. As many of you are not familiar with the downgradation process of windows 10, we have this article for you. Follow the steps given in this article to successfully downgrade your windows 10 to windows 8.

Note: This method may not work for those who directly installed the windows 10 from a live CD. This is for those who upgraded the windows 8 to windows 10 right from the OS without removing the windows 8 OS. By the downgradation, you will lose all your installed programs in windows 10 and will be needed to install the again.

How to Go Back to Windows 8 from Windows 10

Follow the simple steps given below to go back to windows 8 from windows 10 OS. the downgradation of the windows is very much simple as the upgradation. So, follow the simple steps below to do so.

  1. First of all, Delete all user accounts that created on the Windows 10.
  2. Open the Settings app in Windows 10, and click on the Update & security option.
  3. Click on Recovery option on the left pane.
    Windows 10 to windows 8 downgradation-1
  4. Then, click on the Get started button under Go back to Windows 8 section.
  5. Fill the form with the reason for rollback if any. Then, press Next button to proceed.
    Windows 10 to windows 8 downgradation-2
  6. Keep pressing Next even windows 10 prompt you to stay there. After the steps, the process will start rolling back your previous version of windows.
    Windows 10 to windows 8 downgradation-3
  7. The process will take a long time according to the hardware you have. Most probably, it will finish in less than a hour. If it takes long, be patient. Never try to cancel the process or shut down the PC. It may cause serious problems to your Operating system and may cause file loss.

After completed the process successfully, Install all your softwares once again. You may need to install your drivers that are supported the windows 8 version. The windows 10 drivers may not be suitable with the windows 10. You could find them from the device manufacturers websites.

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