Best Android Camera Phones

You have been waiting for the best Android camera phone for a long while now and browsing a lot of web pages to decide which one to buy. You don’t want an iPhone but and an Android phone with an excellent imaging performance regarding picture quality and video quality. The best Android phones have finally caught up this year, in some ways and have left the iPhone in their dust. The better your camera phone is, the more chances you have of getting a perfect picture. Every advertisement is throwing out tons of tech jargon to convince you into thinking that there phone’s camera is better than everyone else’s. Face detection! More megapixels! Larger micron pixels! These aspects are understandable by a certain niche of camera geeks but not by everyone.

Below is the list of the best Android cameras around.

LG V10


If you have this phone, that means you have the most powerful phone in your pocket. Let me take you on a trip to try out all the camera features. It’s the rear and front facing camera capabilities that are particularly impressive. It is also a reminder of how smartphones have managed to negate the need for a separate point-and-shoot, or even a DSLR in some situations. It offers a wide range of manual camera controls. It delivers the best low light performance. It’s the manual video controls that distinguish this phone from its competitors. The dual-front facing cameras are useful. And then, they have creative, fun camera modes which are fun to use, especially if you are on a vacation or trying to procrastinate at work. You can get ebay mobile coupons available at Cashkaro to get your new phone at a discounted price.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

The new Galaxy iteration has a 16-megapixels rear camera.  The phone deploy plenty of innovative features that impact photo quality just as much as resolution. The higher aperture makes it for the camera to capture more light and take brighter pictures. Its ultra-fast quick launch by pressing the home screen button twice will open the camera in no time. The fast-tracking autofocus is designed to track accurately cars or anything in motion. OIS should help reduce blurred photos and create a clearer picture. The front facing camera is 5-megapixels with a 120-degree wide-angle field of you. You can play with lighting and filters too. Detect light levels better to automatically discern between outdoor and indoor environments. The granular feature is another good spec in this phone.  Use shopclues mobile coupons from CashKaro and get your new Samsung mobile phone today.

Nexus 6P

Nexus 6P features

Full auto with and without a tripod are the best features of this phone. For a quick point and shoot times, this camera does well for most of the people. The camera balances the exposures creating some of the fantastic photos. You will get some great light photos with this camera. It can capture 4K video with no problem. The colours, motion and even the audio comes through nice and clear. It can capture 240 frames-per-second slow motion out of the box, and the end overall motion picture is great. It’s clear that this camera is by far most capable out of all the Nexus phones known and is going to make owning this phone a lot more enjoyable for a lot of people.


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