Lenovo K3 Note Problems and Fixes

Lenovo K3 Note is one of the best-selling smartphones currently. The device was arrived with a price range of Rs. 10000 which is a budget friendly pricing for this large display device. The design too looked good with many colour variants which were very punchy. But, the device was also known for some problems and bugs. In this article on Lenovo K3 Note Problems and Fixes, we are sharing some of the well known and most discussed Lenovo k3 note problems and their solutions. You could also check the specs and details of the Lenovo K3 Note before proceeding.

Play Store not Stopping the Download Process

Play store keeps downloading even without downloading any apps or updates. The never ending play store update will stop you from accessing the play store and the apps inside. This problem is not only happening in Lenovo k3 note. Many of our readers reported the same problem with various devices. There are two solutions that you can try to fix the never ending play store download.

You should ensure that the apps can be updated even in mobile network alongside the wifi. If you have only allowed the app update on wifi, the play store will keep showing the screen while on the mobile network. To fix the problem, Turn on the Auto Sync Data in data usage section in your settings.

The next solution is clearing the play store data in your device, to do this, head over to Settings > Manage Apps and find the Google Play Services. Then clear the data of the app. It will clear all the cache and data of the play store, and you will be asked the email ID again while trying to access the play store. Provide it and the problem might be fixed now.

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Charging Issues

Lenovo K3 Note users are experiencing some charging issues with their device. Slow charging and the battery is not filling after a specific amount are all the problem reported by them. As the company not yet replied to the problem, you should try some own methods to get rid of this. Read our article on How to Make Smartphone Charge Faster, which may be helpful to you to solve the problem. Make sure that you got the correct charger and battery for the device and it has no manufacturing defects that can be seen by eyes.

If you’ve found that the problem still there even after many tries and methods, it is the time to ask for a replacement of the product from the retailer or the online store. But, some of the users also complained that Flipkart refused to replace their products, or they are taking a long time to replace the product. There are no other options other than a seller replacement. So, read the next paragraph for the same.

Flipkart is not Replacing the Lenovo K3 Note

Some of our readers recently reported that Flipkart is not replacing their Lenovo k3 note which has problems with the charging. Before looking for the return, realise that the replacement may not be easier and quick as you think. It may take several weeks or even months to get your new product in hand. So, be sure you are using the correct power adapter with the device and the battery is working fine and has no defects. If you have found any manufacturing defects on the device, mentioning it on your replacement request will make the things a little easier.

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At the first time you are contacting the Flipkart support, they may suggest installing their Smartcheck android application that helps them to remotely access your device and fix any small common problems. If the process did not solve the issue, you could also try tweeting [email protected], which may be a good method to get their attention toward your problem.

Lenovo K3 Note Over-Heating while Browsing and Gaming

Lenovo K3 Note over-heating problem is another known problem with the Lenovo k3 note. While gaming and having longer browsing session, the device heats up considerably. As many of the devices these days heats up even on low usages, it’s a common problem to expect in low range smartphones. You could read our article on How to Prevent Over Heating of Android Smartphones? which may help you to cool down the device. As some of the users reported the problems with charging and battery, the problems are co-related in some manners.

The battery may be causing the overheating problem or the charging also can be the problem. Before trying for a replacement from the seller, you could try some effective methods like disabling unwanted apps and removing unnecessary cases from the device. If any of the methods didn’t solve the problem, it might be the right time to ask for a replacement from the seller.

Invalid IMEI Issue in Lenovo K3 Note

Invalid IMEI issue is yet another member in k3 note problems. While trying to flash the device with some new firmware, users are experiencing the missing IMEI problem. It could be happened due to several reasons, and some of them may be fixed by you itself without the help of a second person. The IMEI number recovery is not that much simple but not difficult too. You could use this source (Chinese. Can be converted easily with the Google translate) to find how to do it yourself. Follow the methods given carefully to get the right results.

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In this article on Lenovo K3 Note Problems and Fixes, we listed some of the well know and most discussed problems with the Lenovo k3 note. Trying the above methods could fix the problem and well worked for many of our readers and clients. As the device is one of the best selling devices all around the globe, the problem is spreading everywhere on the globe where there is a Lenovo k3 note. The company may take some actions in coming days. If you haven’t got the fix for your k3 note problem, you could file a replacement from the reseller.

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