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Recently, Apple announced the Apple iPhone SE device which is to be the ground breaker in coming days. We published the Specs and details of the iPhone SE in our previous article. You could check it out to find more details regarding the phone. Now, we are sharing the Apple iPhone SE price details of different countries. As you would be eager to buy the device as soon as the release, it is necessary to be aware of the pricing of the device. So, have a look at them.

Country Price
India Rs. 39,000
UK £359
US $399
Dubai Dh1,649
Saudi Arabia Dh1,649
China 2591 Yuan
Japan 44000 Yen
Australia 524 Australian Dollar
Singapore 540 Singapore Dollar
Germany 685 German Mark

Above given are the approximate and expected price ranges of the Apple iPhone SE in different countries across the world. The actual pricing may differ according to the taxes and pay rates. When comparing to other iPhone models, iPhone SE looks pretty much good in pricing and features. We also write an article on iPhone SE is worthy to buy or not where we described the worthiness of the device comparing with other Apple iPhone models. We selected it as a good one to afford, and it describes the pricing too.

The previous iPhone models like iPhone 6s were priced very high. Apple may be curing the curse by producing a comparatively average priced device with high-end specs. The device comes with a 1.5 GHz Octa-Core 64-bit Apple A9 Chip with advanced processing technology. The A9 chips are well known for the performance and reliability. There are also some features like Wifi calling and Voice over LTE etc… The features look pretty with some enhanced functionalities. It also comes with a charge saver battery which can hold your device 20% more than the normal iPhone batteries.

As per the reports, the device will soon reach the market and will be available by the end of this April. The pricing will be not that much different from the speculated one’s as it is from the trusted sources.

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