Why iPhone SE Failed To Attract – The Real Reasons

iPhone SE is one of the most discussed matter these days. The upcoming Apple device already made a ground-breaking entry to the smartphone news. But still it failed to attract the users that much as the previous version of the iPhone. As per the results, the users are not that much impressed or interested in the iPhone SE as they were to the previous iPhone models. We also thought so, and listed some of the reasons why the users are hesitating to be attracted to the new iPhone SE. Have a look at them.

No 3D Touch

3D touch was a revolutionary feature included in previous iPhone models like iPhone 6s. But, Apple disappointed the users by cutting down the feature in iPhone SE. As one of the usual Apple devices, iPhone SE also awaited for the enhanced 3D touch capability. This, considerably hated by the users and it is one of the biggest reasons for the less attraction the iPhone SE

Low-Resolution Screen

The iPhone SE features an 1136 x 640 pixels display which sounds a little lower when compared to the modern day devices. Many devices even in the half price range feature a larger display and high resolutions. But, Apple disappointed the users by cutting down the resolution alongside the price. As they are reduced the price, they have also reduced the specs and features of the phone.

Small Size

Some of the users love’s the small sizing of the device, but someone not. As per the reports, the Apple users hesitating to buy the device as it is smaller in size. The previous iPhone 6 series were ranged from 5.44 inches. But the SE has only 4.87 inches in height. The screen size is also reduced according to the device size. So, it looks like a smaller device when compared to other models. This brings back the users from the device.

It’s not the Next Big thing

Even there is some good features like Wifi calling and A9 chipset, there is nothing unique to see on the device. It’s just like an apple device without anything much to expect. The rumors were stated a lot of features, but the Apple hadn’t accepted that much. Enough devices are there on the market with much better specs and much lower pricing. So, this also caused the curse of the iPhone SE.

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