Top 5 Features of iPhone SE

iPhone SE has been rolling out on the internet. The current looks and views are onto the apple device that has rumored a lot already. If you want to know more about the device, check out our article on Apple iPhone SE Specs, Details, Pros, and Cons and also check Apple iPhone SE Price Details. If you are unsure about the features of the device, we listed some of the best features of iPhone SE. Check it out to explore more about the iPhone SE.

It’s a cheap ‘iPhone.’

When compared to the previous models like iPhone 6s, the iPhone SE is comparatively low priced one. As it costs only $399 for the 16GB model and $499 for the 64GB model, it is far better than the $649 for the 16GB and $749 for the 64GB in iPhone 6 series. The price is still not that much cheap when compared to other brands but still manages to cure the curse of highest pricing of Apple devices.

Sized for Comfort

The iPhone SE measures 4.87 inches tall by 2.31 inches wide and just 0.30 inches thick. That sounds like a pretty comfy holdable dimensions. Apple maintained the dimensions to well fit the device in the hands of the users. You could easily afford the device without worrying about the grip of the phone in hands. The device weighs about 113g which is also a good sizing feature.

4K Videos Recording

Using the 12MP camera on the back, you could shoot 4K videos with good quality. Apple didn’t cut down the camera features alongside the pricing. The high-quality sensors also boost the recording quality to the extreme. Without worrying about the surrounding condition, users could capture good images and record 4K videos continuously without interruptions.

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Long Term iOS Support

Apple iPhone SE comes with the iOS 9.3 version with a lot of improvements. Sweetening the features, Apple will also provide long-term support for the iOS even 4 or 5 updates. As the previous models had only a small support term, the SE got the honor for the long term support provided by the Apple.

Live Photos

Live photos will allow the users to turn short video clips of photos they click. The feature works by capturing short videos right before and after taking a photo from the iPhone. The photos can be accessed from the gallery and can be used as the wallpaper or live wallpaper of the device. The feature was introduced with the iPhone 6 series and continued to the current device.

All in all, Apple iPhone SE is a worthy device to afford and can get the features for a comparatively affordable price. If you are still doubtful about its worthiness, check out our article on iPhone SE is worthy to buy or not where compared it with the previous models and described the reasons to purchase the device.

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