Asus Ecchellon X One – The Design Beast

Asus is a company which gives a lot of importance to the design of their products. Recently, we’ve seen that on the devices like Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe and Asus Zenfone Zoom. They’ve now taken over to the next level of elegance with their upcoming device, Asus Ecchellon X One smartphone. Earlier the company has launched Ecchellon branded gaming accessories and now, they expanded the range to the smartphones too. As per the rumors, the Ecchelon will be the best ever design in Asus smartphones.

The device will come in two color variants as Black and Silver. The body will be completely made of metal which provides some more strength to the device. Previous models of the Asus smartphone series never came with a full metal body. So, this might be something very special in case of the body too. While talking about the design and structure of the device, the bottom right on the rear can be removed to insert SIM cards and Micro SD cards. Apart from other parts of the body, the removable part will come with a matte finish to deliver grip on the removable part. On the back, there will be a large ‘A’ symbol which symbolizes the Asus.

Asus Ecchellon X One-1

On the back, there will be a fingerprint sensor placed inside a round shape. The round shaped primary camera will be placed alongside the LED flash to provide an elegant look and feel. The Intel symbol also boosts the look and feel of the device. As usual, there will be an Asus logo too on the back. The flat design will provide a good grip on the device as well as it provides a classy finish. The glossy surface will be great to see, and you will love to put the device out of your pocket.

The Asus Ecchellon X One will have an IPS LCD display protected with the Gorilla Glass 5. As usual, an Intel chip will power the device alongside 4GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. As per the reports, the device will be equipped with the Android 7.0 OS. Looking to the camera, there will be a 16.0 MP rear camera and an 8.0 MP front camera.

All in all, the specs also looks good, and the design looks brilliant as you can see on the images. The device will launch soon by Asus and will be available all over the world with the brand new design. There may be two or more variants of the device with different RAM and ROM, but the CPU will remain the same Intel.

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