What Is The Best Online Cloud Storage For Data?

Many individuals and businesses are looking to find the best cloud storage solution. Some of you might wonder why is this so. But the answer is pretty obvious – online cloud storage is an integral part of life now. However, with so many different options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one to go with. In this article, we will be going over some of the top cloud storage solutions for data on the market.

Some Of The Best Online Cloud Storage Solutions

#1. Dropbox

Dropbox is easy among the best cloud storage solutions in the marketplace. It is one of the only services that effectively offers clients for Linux along with Mac OS X, Windows, Android, and iOS. Therefore, you are going to have pretty much full access to your data wherever you go no matter what platform you choose to be on. For consumers, the basic free account comes with a minimal 2GB of storage. Therefore, if you only plan on storing documents here and there, you might be able to get away with it (for a while). However, if you plan on storing any other kind of media including photos, videos, and music, you are likely going to need to upgrade very soon. They have affordable plans for both consumers and businesses.

#2. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft’s OneDrive is another excellent option for just about anyone because they offer amazing mobile applications and desktop clients for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Windows PC. Their basic free account comes with 15GB of free storage. However, if you happen to sign up for Office 365 as well, you are going to end up getting 1TB of storage with it. It means that you are going to be able to utilize OneDrive as your only source for backing up your data if you so choose to. The overall design of Windows OneDrive is beautiful and modern with clean lines. You can create folders and files on the web, and you can sync everything effortlessly.

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#3. Google Drive

Google Drive is also among the best cloud storage options for both consumers and businesses. Google Drive is particularly useful and excellent for those that are invested in the Android or Chrome operating systems. The reason is that Google integrates it’s entire cloud storage solution with these operating systems along with their Google Apps so well. You will start out with 15GB of free space when you first create your Google account or if you happen to link an existing one. The good thing about Google is you can sync all of your data across all of your devices if you so choose too. Also, there is selective data sync which will allow you to choose the folders to sync up with on either your PC or laptop. The entire interface is clean and straightforward which a lot of users enjoy. However, the data is encrypted in 128-bit AES rather than the 256-bit that is utilized by OneDrive and Dropbox.

Ultimately, the best cloud storage solution is going to depend on your individual needs, preferences, and your preferred platform of choice for mobile and desktop. They are all excellent services, and they all do everything well.


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