No More Search for a Chair – Here is the Wearable Chairs

I’ve been searching for my chair to sit in front of the computer to write this article. I think I need a wearable chair with me that comes with me wherever I go. Wearable chair? A new word? No more. The technology isn’t limited to those microchips and the flying rockets. It’s being improved day by day even in a second of our eye blinks. New products and services are being invented in each corner of the world. Wearable chairs are such a revolutionary product from the Genius Scientists. I think, we should proud to be in mankind.

Japan holds the honor for the latest wearable chair namely, Archelis. They’ve been working on the products to make the life simpler and beautiful. So, they added another member to their inventions with the brand new Archelis which will be our personal chair that sticks to us and comes with us! Yes, I mean it. Just have a look at the structure of the product in the following image.


If someone wore it, it would look like this. Lololol… 😛


Archelis is a product that eases fatigue by supporting key pressure spots of the leg and giving a pleasure on sitting. No need to carry it. Instead, it will carry you all the way. It is very useful for such situations as seen on the above image. For the Surgeons, Doctors, and other people who need to stand continuous hours in their job without even taking a sit. They could concentrate on their jobs without sitting, but actually sitting. The product holds you without having enough stress to the internal parts of the leg. It acts like second set of bones placed outside the body by supporting the legs.

Don’t think that, you will walk like Robots in slow motion by carrying Archelis. The light-weight design with necessary joints and balls will support you without you supporting it. The body is made up of light-weight but strong materials than your usual chairs. The curves will make the movement simple as you were walking normally. The company states that the product will never show a feeling that it is attached to your legs. It supports your knees and angles without exerting too much pressure on the body.

The Archelis will be very useful for retail assistants, hospitality workers and convention goers, etc… Following the Archelis many companies already on the same path to make some variations of the same product with some more improvements. So, let’s hope some good chairs to replace those old ones in the corner of our rooms.

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