aLLreLi K9500U LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard Review

aLLreli K9500U may be the best replacement for your previous gaming keyboard which is now taking rest in the corner of your room. Your gaming ambitions may have gone away with the number of keyboards that have broken during your gaming sessions. No more having a gaming keyboard means no more having your favorite GTA sessions or FIFA goals. aLLreLi is a new name in the keyboard industry, but already has a mark on the quality products on the market. K9500U is optimized for smoother keystrokes that enable the faster flow of fingers over the keyboard during addictive gameplay. You always love such controllers who never feel like you’re working on.

aLLereli, K9500U coming with adjustable illuminations with stylish effects that can be tweaked according to the users needs. The design looks beast with the modernist touch over the sides with a robotic taste. The keyboard will never make you change the battery because it is working on the USB power. So, you could concentrate on your Call of Duty missions without worrying about the keyboard death. It is a good idea to keep away such wireless functions that could be cut off anytime during the continuous gaming sessions. And the aLLerli made it true through their K9500U. There are much more to explore about the product. So, let’s have a look at them.



As per the company itself, the design is inspired by the shape of a sword which looks great right in front of your monitor. The first view to the keyboard will make us remind the Asus keyboards with monster designs. Even the company is a newcomer to the industry; the product looks something brilliant with an elegant design built for comfort. The keys are placed in a way that the fingers could easily find them during gaming sessions. They are designed in a traditional way that no hassles will be there with unnecessary design improvement.

The adjustable illumination is another mind takes on the aLLreli K9500U LED backlit gaming keyboard. The things are sweetened by the tweakable red backlit that can be adjusted to dim, normal or extra bright variants. It can provide a better gaming experience even on a night as the daylight. The ergonomic design has a great hand in reducing the finger strain happening due to the continuous key-strokes. There are no more problems to the reach, tap, and comfort on the keys.

aLLreLi K9500U LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard-keys

Keys and Comfort

The aLLreli K9500U gaming keyboard consists of a set of very useful additions in the keys section. The center curved keys will provide a better rest for your fingers while not in use. It is hard to work with the modern day designs as they are only concentrating on the look and feel without considering the comfort of the fingers. But, in the case of the K9500U, the comfort is the main factor that they are concentrated in. The ‘G’ series of keys are placed in a column at the left-hand side of the keyboard to fulfill specific tasks with ease. No more words needed about the comfort as you already know that from the above lines.

The keys can be programmed for five different games so that it will be easier to get into the games without worrying about the configurations. The completely customizable controls are well defined in the settings as per your intentions.

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Reliability and Build Quality

Reliability and Quality is one of the most looked features of any products. So, the keyboards also need them, most probably, the best of them. As we will be on hard gaming sessions with a lot of tension on head, our keyboards may get bad hits from the fingers and heavy taps by hands. A gaming keyboard must be capable of receiving this kind of normal hits. In the case of the aLLreli K9500U gaming keyboard, the design itself is in an elegant way that any normal hits or even some bad hits doesn’t stand a chance to make a damage.

The lower legs are well aligned to hold the hands without losing the grip. On the other side, the keyboard is held by the sword like extension by providing a great grip even on smooth surface. Looking from the side, it looks like a heavy device that also states the build quality of it with strong materials. The USB connection by avoiding the wireless connectivity also improves the reliability and the longevity of aLLreli K9500U. As it doesn’t need any battery, sit back and enjoy the games without running for a rechargeable battery.

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There are numerous functions in aLLreli K9500U, all for enhancing the gaming to a next level. Windows key lock function is one of them which works similar to the function keys. The windows key can be locked and unlocked for adjusting the brightness of the backlit and making it ON or OFF. The functionality implements an easier way of managing the keyboard without stepping into advanced steps as in any other companies.

The aLLreli K9500U doesn’t need any battery replacement as it is running on the USB power from your PC. Function keys also sweetens the accessibility of the keyboard in a good manner. There are so many other features for the keyboard which can’t list one by one. In brief, all features are made for a better, easier, and comfy gameplay.

Bottom Line

aLLreLi K9500U LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard is a good replacement for your current irritating keyboard. Even it comes with a tag of a gaming keyboard, it can also be used for comfy typing for long sessions. It is priced around $49.9 but now available for $27.99 from amazon by some special offers. If you are really looking for an easier and comfy gameplay without exerting stress on your fingers, the aLLreLi K9500U LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard is a good option for you. Comfort and Design joined with the Reliability and Quality for outputting such a good product from aLLreLi. Owning it will be a good option for you to have a seamless gaming experience. So, give it a try.

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aLLreLi K9500U LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard Review
8.8 Overall

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