An Exclusive Ecommerce App to Provide You an Improved Shopping Experience

Ecwid, a third party e-commerce platform founded in 2009 is presently the world’s most admired auxiliary store builder that makes it supremely easy for medium and small time businesses to publicize themselves without spending a fortune. You can comfortably and seamlessly incorporate Ecwid into your site, on mobile or digital devices, automated social media portals, and nearly anywhere you have a web-based presence.

ShopApp by Ecwid is a one of its kind that makes life much easier for both the buyers as well as the sellers. The future of online shopping are the smartphones and with this app around, both small and big businesses have the opportunity to launch their app store with ease. The prime importance has been given to provide an intuitive interface for the users and the simplicity to make life much easier for online businesses.

  1. Native App: The app leads you towards the expansion of the emerging e-commerce field. You get the option to launch your app for a particular brand, and you don’t need to depend on any third party for creating an app from scratch.
  2. No need to be a techie: People have a tendency to rely on a techie or a developer for the maintenance of their shopping apps. This app comes with a difference and gives you the independence to manage everything on your own. Even a member can manage the shopping app without much technical knowledge. In the first case, you’re not creating an app from scratch, and this is the biggest advantage that you get with Ecwid’s Shopapp.
  3. No Payment Gateway required: You’re not required to integrate your app with any particular payment gateway to get payment from the consumers. You can simply use Google pay or Apple pay to go through a smooth transaction. The users have the freedom to use any particular platform that they like and buy the products through their mobile platform.
  4. Facilitates Push Notifications: Push Notification is known to be one of the most important aspects of any particular app. This is one such feature that makes your app highly beneficial. The buyers continuously get notification related to a new product launch or any particular discount that you might be offering. Push notification enables you to be in constant touch with your buyers and keep them updated with your brand.
  5. Synchronize with the existing website: Having an existing e-commerce store gives you an added advantage. You just need to integrate your app with the online store and give a name for your brand. All the smartphone users or other handheld device users get the freedom to have access to your online store through their devices. The more accessible it is, the easier it becomes for the users. This also improves your market share and helps you in staying optimized.
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There are various advantages that come with the new and improved ShopApp launched by Ecwid gives you the power to stay connected potential buyers and improve your brand-ability.

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