aLLreLi 8GB USB Voice Recorder Review

aLLerLi 8GB USB voice recorder is a combination of two handy gadgets. A recorder and the USB storage is combined in a single device in an innovative way to record the audio and automatically save it to the storage for further use. Unlike any other recorders, the 8GB expansion has a significant hand in holding the audio as much as the device is erased by the user. Being an audio recording concentrated device, the aLLerLi CP0036344 voice recorder can hold up to 8GB of voice recordings, documents, photos and more.

aLLreLi 8GB USB Voice Recorder

The design of the product looks good with the an oval shape looking from the top. It has a pen drive like structure but a little bulkier due to the internal parts for recording audio. Outside, there is a single button which turns audio recording ON or OFF. It’s just a button press away to record high-quality audio up to 13 hours. The device also incudes an LED notifier which indicates how much battery left on the device and is it is in the recording mode or storage mode. A button press switches between the recorder and the flash storage inside aLLerLi CP0036344.

Looking inside, there is a high-quality microphone placed with enhanced noise reduction and sound capture technology. It can record clear sound even from meters of distance. The company itself states it as a spy to record audios from a distance. As it looks like a normal flash storage no chance of being caught. A 2 or 3 hours of USB charging can hold the device up to 13 hours, and it can store a high-quality sound recording of length up to 36 hours. As it is compatible with any USB ports, no worry about the compatibility on certain devices.

aLLreLi 8GB USB Voice Recorder-2

The aLLreLi CP0036344 8GB USB Voice Recorder is measuring just 2.6 inches by .95 inch by .3 inch in size and having only a very less weight as a pen drive. There is also a hole on the side to keep it in your car keys or your chains for easily getting the recorder with you. As it is rechargeable with the USB, you could easily charge it using any of your power banks or another kind of options that you are using for your smartphone. The device will take a very little time to recharge and lasts longer for long voice recording without interruptions.

There are two light modes available on the device. The Red light indicates the battery percentage is remaining on the device while the Blue light indicates the storage capacity. The lights will decrease its number as the battery and storage reduce time to time. It is good to know the battery and storage available on the device without having to connect to any devices or charging it again. aLLreLi 8GB USB Voice Recorder stores the audio files in Wav format which can be later converted into any other favorite formats like MP3.


  • High-quality voice recording
  • Built-in Storage
  • Long lasting battery
  • Good Design
  • Lightweight
  • No compatibility issues


  • A little bulkier


If you are looking for a perfect voice recorder and a USB flash storage too, instead of going for two separate devices, it is a good option to choose this all in one voice recorder. aLLreLi CP0036344 8GB Voice Recorder costs around $49.9 but now available for $28.00 from some special offers from Amazon. Owning the device will gift you a high-quality voice recorder alongside an 8GB flash storage. So, buying it will be a good option and give it a try.

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aLLreLi 8GB USB Voice Recorder Review
8.8 Overall
Build Quality9

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