aLLreLi M910BU 4000 DPI Wired Vertical Mouse Review

Gaming is something that is becoming a necessity for the people especially the youngsters. New products are arriving the market day by day to make the gaming very addictive and easy. The aLLreLi M910BU 4000 DPI Wired Vertical Mouse is such a revolutionary product to take your gaming to the next level with its good set of functions and features. The mouse is coming with programmable buttons which can be set to perform specific actions that you want to do frequently in your gaming session. Other features including an Adjustable DPI and 5 user profiles, are all enhancing the value of the mouse as a gaming device.

After the aLLreLi K9500U LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard, they are now heading up to this mouse which can be your next best gaming friend. You will never again miss an enemy in your call of duty sessions or a tank to bomb it. The easy access buttons can bring a half keyboard inside your palm. 9 programmable buttons are not just 9 but can be programmed to do any difficult task that you want to use frequently in your games. So, you could concentrate on the gameplay more than in your keyboard.

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The design of the aLLreLi M910BU 4000 DPI Wired Vertical Mouse looks a little different from the normal gaming mouses. The design of the product is to fit all users need by reducing the strain in hands and the fingers while continuous gaming for hours. The device well fits the hands, and the users could rest their hands on the mouse itself to reduce the strain of the hands. The sides are very well managed to hold the fingers there without having any stress or problems. The buttons are also placed on proper places that can be reached easily without having to look into the mouse.

The mouse has 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000 and 4000 DPI setting options to change between the comfortable options. The ergonomic design joins with the powerful parts inside to provide a better gaming experience with ease. No more worry about the buttons to press quickly. The mouse let you reach them without moving your fingers further. The buttons can also be used to perform specific tasks like Quick Internet access, Volume up and Down, Forward, Backward, etc…

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aLLreLi M910BU mouse is very easy to set up. No complicated tasks are there in the setup process of the device. Users could also choose their own configurations apart from the default settings with the device. Sweetening the features, the mouse has a palm rest that can be removed according to the users comfort. The weight of the mouse can be adjusted by removing each 10g metal columns placed underneath the mouse. The below image shows the 3 metal pieces weighing 10g each that can be removed or added according to the comfort of the users to use the mouse. All in all, the aLLreLi M910BU is completely made to fulfill all the needs of the users in an innovative manner.

aLLreLi M910BU


  • 9 Programmable buttons
  • Comfy Design
  • Different DPI levels
  • Easy to Setup
  • Compatible with almost all OS
  • 5 User Profiles


  • Feels a little bulky


aLLreLi M910BU 4000 DPI Wired Vertical Mouse is a good option if you love easier gameplay with a very comfy mouse. The design puts your hands on it like never before. You will never feel like you are using the mouse with difficulty. The hardware parts are also good and well performing even on hours of usage. As it is a wired mouse, no worries about the disconnection or the battery charge. So, you could give it a try.

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