Best Netflix Alternatives In India

Netflix is undoubtfully one of the best global providers of streaming movies and TV series. Millions of people all around the world using the service for their music, movie or video streaming needs. But in several countries, Netflix is not that much enjoyable, or it is completely unavailable due to specific requirements and restrictions. So, it is very difficult or impossible to enjoy the Netflix in those countries. Before being disappointed, you love to hear that there are numerous alternatives for the Netflix available. In India, hundreds of such services are rocking the market, and we’ve picked some of them to share with you. So, give a try to the following Netflix alternatives in India.


Hungama can be described as the Indian version Netflix due to the pleasing features of the service. Millions of MP3 songs collected and manipulated in a single place to provide all language music including, Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Malayalam and much more to fit the needs of any type of people in India from any states. Hungama is a good Netflix alternative in India if your primary concern is music.


ErosNow is a website like Netflix but available for free alongside the paid versions. It is a vast collection of Bollywood and Indian Movies and Videos that are presented to the users to ensure an unlimited enjoyment collection. Eros now premium account will provide unlimited access to all movies and videos of the service even though the free version also provides a good set of features.


Hotstar is one of the most favorite movie or video streaming services in India. It was launched recently but got a huge welcome by the users due to its numerous features and movie streaming options. The best thing to notice on the service is that Live streaming of TV shows and other kind of videos that users are searching for. It has all the features that a good Netflix alternative need.


Spuul is yet another good Netflix alternative in India which worths a try. It is not a free service but users have to pay a service charge of Rs. 300 monthly. Even though, the services are that much capable of explaining the pricing of the Spuul. It streams numerous Indian traditional programs and videos and dedicated especially to Indians. It also offers a number of titles to watch even without registration.


BoxTV is a paid service which the plans starts from Rs. 199/month. Even though the service offers some free movies and videos with some ad breaks. It is also a good catalogue of movies where there are hundreds of your favorites to select. Alongside English, BoxTV movies are available in Urdu, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Bangla, Marathi, Bhojpuri and Odia.


BigFlix is a good Netflix alternative to try. It offers various movies and videos that can be downloaded if you are a paid subscriber. BigFlix has numerous collection of movies which covers almost all languages in India and with a lot of stuff to browse on. BigFlix is owned by the Reliance Entertainment company and had been working on improving the service by wide spreading to other countries. BigFlix also offers movie reviews and ratings alongside the trailers of the latest arrivals.


Muvizz is a big catalogue of movies that can be enjoyed for Free. But, if you pay Rs. 300 per month, your subscription is a little wider with the access to all Muvizz movies and videos. The service also delivers some sort of Short films and documentaries to watch. The service offered by the Muvizz is not different from the above-listed one. So, it might be yet another good Netflix alternative in India.


YuppTV allows you to watch live TV apart from just movies. The subscription amount is Rs. 620/month that sounds a little higher than the above-listed services. But, as it offers live TV streaming, the price is explainable. YuppTV also has a wide range of movie collections including the latest to the oldest. The service is specially crafted for the Indian viewers who need a live TV streaming service alongside unlimited movies and videos to watch.


Ogle is a paid service that offers a huge collection of movies, live TV, and shows for a fee of Rs. 249/month. The service offers numerous titles to select and enjoy. Registration of the Ogle opens periodically and may not be available all time in a year. Users could pre-register for the service and will be given the credentials upon the review of the Ogle men.


Hooq is unique by providing some of the oldest TV shows and channels including the Doordarshan classic. The service also offers a 14-day trial to try the service before paying Rs. 199/month. Hooq has a fairly big catalogue to browse and select from. The services offered are no different from the above-listed services but has an old touch in all parts that may be likely to the old generation who loves classics.

The above services are the best Netflix alternatives in India that you can give a try. The offers the same what the Netflix offers or at least reaches the near score when compared to the Netflix giants. As I mentioned before, Netflix may not be available in specific countries due to some restrictions or unsupportability. Especially the Indians couldn’t find a service to enjoy music, movies, and TV shows must have a look at the above-given list. They are the most suitable and affordable Netflix alternatives in India which worth a try.

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