GIDS – Great Indian Developer Summit 2016, Bangalore

GIDS (Great Indian Developer Summit) is one of the finest conferences on the globe where 35000 people meet together for gaining exposure and evaluating new projects, tools, services, platforms, languages, software, and standards. This time, Bangalore will get the honor to held the event from 26th to 29th April 2016. There will be 8 different conferences actually, which named as

  • GIDS.NET and GIDS.Cloud featuring the Microsoft computing and cloud
  • GIDS.Web and GIDS.Mobile featuring technologies, platforms and business models
  • GIDS.Java and GIDS.Dynamic Lang from the world of enterprise Java, agile and dynamic languages
  • GIDS.Data and GIDS.Analytics featuring the most relevant talks in the areas of big data and data science.
  • Finally there will be an extra even namely GIDS.MINI featuring the best of the conferences.

The summit will be full of developers and entrepreneurs from all over the globe with lots of ideas to share. Having a seat in the conference will be a good idea if you are an Indian blogger. A lot to learn and share if you wish, on one of the most honoured stages in the world. The presence of great developers and entrepreneurs is going to make the whole crowd to the intense motivation.

With over 150+ sessions and workplaces alongside hundreds of other things, the GIDS conference will be something special for the Indian developers. Big names like Miko Matsumura, Bruno Lowagie, Sandeep Alur, will all be there at the event to present their ideas and to share their ways to the success. Here we listed the different conferences that will be there at the event and the details.

GIDS.NET & Cloud

From the GIDS.NET conference, you will get everything regarding the MS computing world from developer tools, languages, and frameworks, database and business intelligence, all for having a definite idea about the .NET.

At the Cloud conference, you will be getting everything you need to know about Cloud Development, Microservices, Continuous Delivery, containerization, DevOps, Docker, Unikernels, etc… and even more.

GIDS.Web & Mobile

From GIDS.Web & Mobile, you will get all regarding the next generation of successful mobile app developing which covers all the topics in HTML5, UI/UX, JavaScript, Responsive Web Design, Mobile UX, Native Apps, IOS, Android, etc… You should expect more from there as the giants on the field will be there on the stage.

GIDS.Java & Dynamic Lang

The GIDS.Java & Dynamic Lang will be covering dynamic languages like Scala, Clojure, Groovy, JRuby, which all are running on Java virtual machine. There will be also discussing about the development of modern day apps and softwares using the capabilities of the latest JAVA softwares.

GIDS.Data & Analytics

In GIDS.Data & Analytics, the scientists, developers, and analysts will be discussing on the themes like Working with Data, Analyzing Data, Data for Enterprise, Data Visualization and Data as a Service. They will completely analyse the possibilities of the modern day data with the best capabilities of the programming languages and softwares.


GIDS.Mini may be the valuable gem of the GIDS 2016 where will be the high impact topics from the GIDS.Web, GIDS.Mobile, GIDS.Cloud, GIDS.Dynamic Lang, GIDS.Java conferences. Maybe something which wasn’t on other conferences will be presented here with something special as the briefest description of the whole conferences. There will be 20 cutting-edge sessions including Java, dynamic languages, functional programming and much more.

So, all in all, the GIDS 2016 will be a rocking party of the developers, especially from India. Each one of the GIDS conferences will cost around INR 3000 (until 22 January), INR 4000 (from 23 January until 26 February) and INR 5000 + tax (from 27 February onwards). The prices will be the same for all the conferences held there. You could select the best fit or join the conference with a team to have fun with all the different stages in GIDS 2016 at Bangalore


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