Green Geeks Web Hosting Review

GreenGeeks is a web hosting company based in California, that provides shared hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated server or VPS hosting and dedicated WordPress hosting. Their feature list is a big one with a variety of supports for various hosting needs. The web hosting they provide suits for multi-purpose. This is one of the significant things to be mentioned.

Looking at their plans, their Eco Starter pack with 3 years upfront payment gives the good value with the features they provide. The other plans VPS dedicated server hosting plans are not competitive, and they all are pricier. The starter plans in the shared hosting can surely be good for Individuals and small businesses, regarding price.

Greengeeks Web Hosting Review

GreenGeeks starts its business back in 2008 by its present CEO Trey Gardner. From the beginning, GreenGeeks ideology in the hosting business is more features for the users and an Eco-friendly business setup. GreenGeeks claims they used windmill energy for the power consumption and optimized their servers to reduce the carbon emission. The present unofficial records say GreenGeeks is currently hosting more than 100,000+ websites in the world.

Greengeek Plans

GreenGeeks Hosting Plans
When we are looking at the features of GreenGeeks Hosting, it is mostly about their Website builder and their Account Management Panel. Their Website Builder is free to use for the Hosting customers. But usually, many of the users may don’t need a website builder to build their websites. It may be useful for those who are new to the website building.

Greengeek Hosting Features

GreenGeeks Features

The GreenGeeks Website Builder is a simple one. It is not the one can be compared with the WIX or Weebly which has more features in the drag and drop Website building. For the simple and Informative site and One page, this Website Builder has all the functions to keep up with. For the hosting customers who need this additional feature in their account have to ask the customer support to activate the Website builder for their account.

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Account Management Panel is a Dashboard, which shows account information, customer support link, and a link to enter the cPanel. Also, there is access to ask for site migration help within the Account Management Panel. In the support link, we are getting the support through Ticket procedure. We have to open the ticket to ask for a solution or our queries. There is also Phone support available for all.

Greengeek Awards

Greengeek won awards from popular websites like PC World, 500 Inc, Top Webhost, and much more.

GreenGeeks Control Panel

GreenGeeks uses the same cPanel as their control panel, which is popular in the Web Hosting industry. There is no much customization or changes to the original cPanel. They adopted the Cpanel as it is original. If the users are familiar with the cPanel before, then there will be no issue to use that in GreenGeeks. For those who don’t know about the cPanel, it is the easiest way to use the hosting settings and features for any non-technical persons.

GreenGeeks Server Uptime and Performance

The server uptime and downtime entirely cannot be told in exact number. GreenGeeeks themselves claims the server uptime of 99%. This is usual uptime score for many popular hosting companies. At the same time, we have read some downtime issues complained by the users in the forums. This is also usually reported for many hosting providers. There is a problem in taking this complaint are notifying the server downtime. The actual server downtime is the one where a server or group of servers is going down. If only one single website in a server gone down, it may be due to the configuration of the database or excess server calling because of some wrong settings in the codes.

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My opinion is we have to look at the age of the company in this business. GreenGeeks has been doing hosting business around 8 years. So, we can take their words along with the user reviews found around the web. Based on this my opinion is if they say 99% uptime, I take that like 95-99% uptime. As there is no way to confirm the server uptime promise by the companies as a whole, this is the best way for me.

Coming to the performance, we have seen many good reviews around the web. Users also have to bring their initiative to improve the site performance by wiping cache regularly.

GreenGeeks Issues

As said above, there are some complaints about server downtime. We can ignore them mostly. Rarely, there are complaints about the customer support. There is no significant impact in the complaints about the support. But there is one serious issue we have found in many user reviews. That is the excessive or unapproved billing by the GreenGeeks. This is serious to be taken, and we have to think twice on this matter. Usually, all hosting companies having the bad behavior of asking for the credit card details while we were buying for the first time and using the credit card details to bill for the next terms. So, it is advisable to read the terms and conditions given by GreenGeeks before buying the hosting plan.


Looking at the plans, we feel the shared hosting is competitive in price. But the VPS, Reseller, and Dedicated hosting are high priced. Also on the shared hosting, the renewal cost after the first discount or upfront purchases are not competitive. So, check the prices twice before you buy. You can also chat or speak with the sales team before you can make any decision. We hope this review helps in making you a decision.

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