ES File Explorer File Manager App Review

Most of the modern day smartphones come with a default file manager that does the basic tasks. But, today’s users are not much satisfied with the features, or they need something more than the basic ones to fulfill their needs efficiently. So, a good third party file manager can bring something more than just Copy, Move, Delete, Rename processes. ES File Explorer is such a good file manager that does the job efficiently. Numerous features extend the usability to the extreme by making the tasks simpler than the default file manager app in smartphones.

We also do love the app with the 300 million+ users who downloaded and installed the app on their smartphones. The elegance and simplicity without compromising the features made the app one of the leaders on the field. The app is completely free and more than that it is completely Ad-free. It’s one of the best features that we love on the app as it not showing those annoying ads frequently. Features like an app manager, plus cache cleaner and task manager makes it the favorite of all time.

Using ES File Explorer, users could compress or decompress ZIP and RAR files. It also supports numerous formats that the normal file managers hesitated to support. So, it opens a wider compatibility and supports numerous formats even the formats that is only accessible on computers. There are much more to explore about the ES File Explorer file manager app. So, let’s have a look at them.

ES File Explorer Interface

Being one of the best and most trusted file explorer for mobile devices, the ES File Explorer comprises a yet simple and powerful interface with a lot of features stitched together. The first look at the interface will give you a screen where the important links are listed alongside the phone and SD card storage details. All of the app features can be accessed from the interface itself. By sliding the left side of the screen will bring the navigation menu where you could find out almost all features of the app.

The interface can be customized as per users needs and can also change the Theme of the app if needed. The developers approached a sliding system to switch between the file views and the apps. The files are listed in a thumbnail view by default, but can be altered later. For easier access, the search box and the navigation to quickly switch the screens are implemented just above the main screen. So, the app delivers a good user-friendly interface with some nice piece of features.

ES File Explorer Features

Looking to the features of the ES File Explorer file manager app will give you a long list with numerous useful features ranging from the basic file manager to the cloud storage of the app. So, let’s have a look at the most important features of the app.

User-Friendly Interface

ES File Explorer -4

As we mentioned before, the User Interface is one of the most important plus points of the ES File Explorer. The app delivers a simple interface where the users could easily find out what to do and what they are doing. No complicated steps are needed as the app delivered a quick navigation on the main screen itself. The design and look also give a pleasant feel while using the app and browsing through files.

ZIP and RAR-Support

The ES File Explorer allows the users to compress and decompress ZIP files, unpack RAR files, or even create encrypted ZIP files for better protection. It is a unique feature that the standard file explorer apps are not providing. The AES 256 bit encryption will give maximum security to the ZIP files. The faster compression and decompression rates also sweeten the features.

Multimedia Explorer

To play a video or to view an image or document, users don’t have to depend an external application as the ES File Explorer itself provides the option to do all of them. The built-in Image Viewer, Video Player, Document viewer, and the Music player can fulfill any needs of the users related to any files. The video player shows some small stuck screens while using for a long time. When comparing to other vast features, its a very small thing to notice.

Cloud Storage

ES File Explorer -6

The ES File Explorer supports the cloud storage solutions like Dropbox,, Sugarsync, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Yandex and much more. This is also a unique feature that is rare in normal file manager apps. The direct cloud upload and download support will provide a better way to manage the cloud right from the app. So, need to depend on an extra app.

Folder Encryption

The ES File Explorer can encrypt your files and folders with the top most security. So, no more worry about the security of your files and folder. You could also hide the folders and files if you need some more added security to the files and folders. The files can be managed from a separate section and can make it non-protected anytime as per the requirements. This is one of the hidden features of the app, and most of the users are not aware of this.

File Analyzer

ES File Explorer -5

The File Analyzer helps you to find out App Associate Folder, Large Files, Recently Created Files, Redundancy Files, Duplicate Files. It can also Detect Sensitive Permission, App Cache, and Memory Usage to help the users to manage the files better. The process will automatically find all the information and present to the users. So, they can decide what to do on the files and folders and can save a lot of disk space. There is a single button on the main screen that allows you to run a file analysis. You could also run that on specific folders by tapping the button displayed on the upper right side of the screen.

Remote File Manager

ES File Explorer -7

Remote file manager helps to manage your files from the computer. It will create a connection between your computer and the smartphone over the wifi through an FTP port. So, you could enjoy faster data transfer over the wifi. But, to work with this, you must connect your device to the computer and enter the address on your browser in the computer. A list of the files in your smartphone will be listed on the browser window, and you could download them if needed.

Bluetooth files browser

Even if Bluetooth has gone out of fashion, still it is a dependable source on necessary occasions. The users will be able to use the service for browsing other devices which are paired over Bluetooth. Users can copy and paste files between Bluetooth-ready devices and enjoy the data transfer with good speed. ES File Explorer supports OBEX FTP for browsing devices and transferring files between Bluetooth devices fastly.

Cache Cleaner

ES File Explorer -14

ES File Explorer also let you clean junk files and free up space in your smartphone. The junk files and unnecessary duplicates can be found by a single tap of a button. The app will start scanning the files in your phone memory and SD card. It will list the files and prompt whether to remove them or not. If you wish, you could also remove them by the specific categories or file types.

Root Explorer

The Root Explorer let the users access the entire file system and all data directories, and allows the user to change permissions of specific files or even system files. The root explorer is very useful for the root users and developers to make their tasks simpler without any complications. It is strongly restricted to the users who is unaware of the root tasks. Because the misconfigurations or deletion of root files and folders may cause serious problems to the smartphone and even make it in a non-working condition.

Support a wide range of File Formats

Most of the file formats are strangers to the normal file explorer apps. But in the case of the ES file explorer, the things are a bit different. The app can read almost all know formats including, .pdf, .zip, .docx and much more. The wide range of collection enables the access to any files right from the smartphone. Now need to search for a PC or Laptop to open those files.


  • Easy to use
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Completely Free
  • Ad-Free
  • Good Speed
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Supports almost all formats of files

What Users Saying about the App?


Whether you’re a power user of a casual user, ES File Explorer is all you need to manage better your files! The countries like Brazil, India, China, and America holds the most number of the ES File Explorer users and mostly males who are aged between 18-35 years using the app widely. The app is recommended to the IT professionals and power users who like to do phone customizations and to the Casual users who need an app to help them manage their files more efficiently. So, giving it a try may gift you a real file explorer that can provide more than a file explorer does.

ES File Explorer File Manager App Review
9.4 Overall
Robust Features Minimalistic UI
User Interface9
Value For Money10

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