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Gone are the days when you feared of the battery charge and looked at it in each minute with fear. All of your devices where eating the charge like crazy and cleaned out the whole battery within a few hours of use. Today’s devices are that much consuming the battery charge for the high-end multitasking and gaming purposes. Even there is some smartphone with 5000mAh or 6000mAh battery; they are failing to include it in an affordable price range. Here comes the need of a good battery saver app that can really do the job and save battery life.

DU Battery Saver is such a good app that can really save your battery charge and increase the life by up to 50%! Millions of users already using the app to power the battery in their smartphone. The app power packs some useful set of features with a lot deep in the action. All you wanted to do is to tap a single button that can optimize the battery for the best possible saving. The app will automatically take down unnecessary process that consumes a major portion of the battery capacity or optimize others by reducing the battery consumption.

The phone cooler feature cools down the device by reducing the CPU usage and other resource usages in your smartphone as well as saving the battery to a great extent. Looking to the features will give you a better idea about the app and will help you to decide whether to opt this or not. So, let’s have a deep look into the DU Battery Saver app.

DU Battery Saver App Interface

A nice and elegant interface is one of the most loved features of the DU Battery Saver app. The main interface itself navigate the users to all major parts of the app that make it easier to work with the features. No complicated steps or navigation are there on the app that confuses the users about what to do? While opening the app, you will be taken to a screen where the problems to the battery of your device will be listed alongside a Fix Now or Optimize button. All you have to do is just giving a tap on the icon, and the app will automatically do what your battery needed to stay cool and longer.

For the options and settings on the app, you could simply slide the left side of the screen. You will be given a list of settings or options that can control the whole app. The battery details and the options to change themes can be accessed from this menu. You could also see the DU score that you have earned before which can be utilized to unlock the DU battery themes and skins.

All in all, the DU Battery Saver has a yet simple but efficient interface where all you need related to your battery will be listed. Alongside some useful set of features and options that can control the background tasks and process, the app shows its elegance with the beautiful interface too. The skins and themes can be later tweaked as per the requirements of the users.

DU Battery Saver app Features

As we mentioned before, the DU Battery Saver app is a powerhouse of some useful and efficient features that can save your battery. Having a look at them will give you a definite idea about the app. So, have a look at them.

Smart Pre-Set Modes

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Smart Preset modes will allow you to customize the battery usage of your smartphone and devices. Users could pre-set the settings that will be further used as the configuration of the battery consumption. Pre-set modes will allow the users to disable certain features of the device like Call, SMS, Mobile Data, etc… to save the battery life. There are some default modes available with some default configurations set by the app. If you wish, you could also configure your won with custom modifications.

Phone Cooler

Modern day devices are much more heating and even at a level where the users can’t use the device due to the excess heat. So, managing this is a necessity to use the smartphone without any irritations. DU Battery saver not just limiting their service to the battery, but also acting as a phone cooler that kills unnecessary tasks and background processes, thus reducing the device heat.

Healthy Charging Manager

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Safely Charging a device has a crucial role in maintaining the battery life as well as the device life. Proper battery care can give you a better lifetime and good device usage time. DU Battery Saver has a 3 phase charging process which listed as Fast Charging, Full Charging, and Trickle Charging. In each step, the battery will go through different voltages and input current. Fast charging is the initial charging with the low battery where a fast charge with a lot of electricity flow will occur. In Full charge phase, the device will get partially charged, and the charging power will considerably slow down. In Trickle charging, the app will exert more charge to the battery to make it completely charged in a safer way that helps to improve the battery life.

After the three phases, you will get a completely charged device without any missing space on your battery. This is a unique feature which can’t be seen on normal battery saver apps, and it boosts the popularity of the DU Battery Saver to a great extent.

Charging Screensaver

Screensavers are very useful to reduce the battery consumption of the smartphones. Studies found that some good screensavers can reduce the battery consumption by up to 10%. So, the DU Battery Saver coming with a screensaver that will be used while your device is in the standby condition. You could tweak the look and feel of the screensaver as well as adding functions to it.

Accurate measures

Apart from those battery savers that shows an approximate calculation of the battery details, the DU Battery Saver app is that much capable of showing the exact results regarding the battery. The app will show your phone’s battery power level by percentage or by time remaining. So, the users could easily understand the exact amount of battery remaining on the device. The percentage and other battery details can also be added to the widgets that can be placed in widget areas of your device.

One-Click Optimization

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One-Click Optimization is the quickest way to solve the battery problems of your device and optimize the battery for the best possible battery life. So, having this account, the DU Battery Saver app coming with a one-click optimization button on the home screen itself. Users could just tap the button, and the app will do the rest automatically. If any options want to be set manually, the app will notify you with the same alongside the instructions to do so.

Battery Monitor

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A Battery Monitor section is there in the app where the details regarding the battery consumption will be listed. There you can find the apps with the battery consumption. You could also stop them, of you found any one of the apps using excess battery than the other apps.

Note: Be sure not to stop any services that are related to the OS or the device.

All battery Details

Using the app, you could find out all details regarding the battery of your device. No need to use an external application to find out the details regarding your battery. The DU Battery Saver app can fetch the type, model, technology, used in your batter and many more details. Normal apps not that much capable of providing these type of in-depth details. But, DU showed the difference.

Numerous Useful Widgets

DU Battery Saver app provides numerous useful widgets with different functions. You could control all necessary functions of the app from the widgets and can place them in any accessible places like your home screen. By default, the default widgets will be automatically placed on specific places like the slide down the window. You could also tweak them by replacing the quick functions by the custom ones.

Battery Skins

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Battery Skins of the app can be replaced by spending some DU points earned earlier. There are numerous skins available on the store with different cool styles. Users could select any one of them and apply to the battery icon to give it a nice look.


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • One-Click Optimization
  • Faster Fixing of Problems
  • No conflicts with any Android versions
  • Phone Cooler
  • Real-time Battery Monitor
  • Healthy Charging
  • One-Tap Saving


  • Sometimes Slowing down the Device a very little

What Users Saying about the App?


DU Battery Saver can extend your battery life by up to 50% so you can do more with your phone! The app has more users in countries like India, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, Philippines, and America. Primarily male users aging 15-35 are using the app than others. DU Battery Saver is recommended to those who use low to mid-range smartphones and want to extend their phone’s battery performance to be just as good as high-end phones. Giving it a try may gift you some extended battery life. So, have a try.

DU Battery Saver – Android App Review
9.1 Overall
User Interface9
Value For Money9

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