DU Speed Booster App Review

Speed is the crucial part of each and every smartphone and thats why all of us like to use speedy smartphones. But, today’s high-end usage conditions doesn’t seem to be providing a good speed on smartphones. Even the hardware capabilities are extreme, the devices failing to provide a good speed due to hundreds of unnecessary apps and background processes. Finding each one of them and stopping one by one is not that much likely as it will consume a lot of time as well as it may not pay off the results.

So, there are a lot of apps available on the playstore and other app stores that coming with a tag of speed booster. But, the fact is that most of them actually not doing what they are meant to be. They will just show some screen that makes us feel it is reducing the device load and speeding up the device. But, even after that, we will experience the same slow down problem.

Here comes the DU Speed Booster app which does what exactly it is made for. The app really helps to boost the performance of the smartphones by reducing the system load through killing unnecessary background tasks and optimizing the running ones. It implements a quicker and safer way to stop or disable the applications and optimize the hardware to output maximum possible performance.

More than just a speed booster, it provides numerous functions like Phone cooling, App managing, Junk file cleaning, Network boost, Game Boost, Memory Boost, Antivirus and Security and much more. It is an all one solution for the well-being and good working of each and every smartphone. There is much more to explore about the app. So, let’s have a look at them.

DU Speed Booster App Interface

As any other DU products, DU Speed Booster app also features a simple but efficient interface. The home screen itself navigates the users through all of the app features with some round shaped buttons which links to different features of the app. There is a big overall boost button that runs a quick assessment of all smartphone functions and fixes them automatically. It is the best way to quickly optimize the slow down issue of the smartphones. It does all the app functions in a quick manner without needing any manual actions.

Underneath the main icon, there are various icons featuring the various functions of the app. There you can see, Phone Boost, Trash Cleaner, App Manger, Network Boost, Battery Saver, etc… While sliding the screen to the right, there you can see a Game booster screen to optimize the games. So, that’s all the DU Speed Booster features. The settings can be accessed by sliding the left side of the screen.

All in all, it has a yet simple but elegant interface with a very beautiful dark blue theme. The icons are bulging out and visible very well due to the good design and representations alongside effective placements. So, the interface is one of the most loved features of the app.

DU Speed Booster App Features

DU Speed Booster has a bunch of useful features that can fulfill almost all device performance needs of a smartphone user. Various functions and capabilities make it an evergreen app for the device optimization. Let’s have a deep look into the features.

Phone Boost

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Phone boost is the single touch helper that can boost your entire smartphone with a single tap on a button. It will automatically optimize the device features for the best possible performance by configuring the hardware to well work with the apps. The feature also stops the unnecessary background tasks that consuming a lot of system resources and causing the device slow down. There will be a rocket icon on the screen that can be tapped to run this feature, so that no need to open the app to run a quick boost.

Junk File Cleaner

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As we are of that kind who installs a lot of applications each day, there is a big chance of the junk files to be filled up and causing the system slow down. So, removing them may gift yourself some free space as well as a slight performance boost. The DU Speed Booster app has this feature that let you scan the junk files and clean them as per your needs.

Security & Antivirus

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DU Speed Booster features a simple antivirus program that secures your device from threats and vulnerabilities. The app will scan for any apps or tasks that may cause a system slowdown or may harm the device and prompt to remove them. If you’ve found that the app or task is creating problems, the Fix Now button can remove it from your smartphone and the app will again run a quick assessment to make sure that the problem is fixed completely.

Apps Manager

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On the DU Speed Booster app, there is also a replacement for the traditional apps manager in smartphones. The app manager in DU Speed booster will let you do everything you does with default app managers. You could Uninstall them, Move to SD card, Stop process, all from the app itself. There you can also browse the top recommended apps by DU. If you wish, you could also give a try to them and install them on your smartphone.

Network Boost

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Most of us using the internet every day. Internet has become one of the necessary requirement in our life. But, sometimes, even we have a high-speed connection, we may experience a slow connectivity. Some apps or poorly coded programs may slow down the internet speed considerably. Or a DNS with wrong configurations can also create problems. DU Speed booster has the solution for this with the Network booster feature of the app. All you wanted to do is tapping the Boost button, and the app does the remaining.


DU helps you lock your apps to block unauthorized access without your permission. You could set your own credentials to lock the apps completely or by selecting one by one. This feature replaces an additional app locker app. As there are no complex steps in the procedure, you could easily set the credentials. There are also options to recover once you lost your password.

Memory Boost

Memory is a crucial part of each device that can decide the speed and performance. Some poorly coded applications may use a large amount of memory without any need. So, the DU Speed Booster features a Memory booster function that stops that kind of unnecessary memory consumption by killing the background tasks or by optimizing the running ones. Users could do this with a single button tap as the overall boost.

CPU Cooler

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CPU cooler feature of the app, let you cool down the highly heating CPU of the smartphones. Once the app found that your CPU is overheating and exceeding a safer limit of the heat, it will show you a notification that displays the current heat of your CPU. Normally, temperature more than 40-degree is considered as the overheating and more than 60-degree is the dangerous level of heating. The app lists the processes that are causing the overheating of the CPU. You could simply tap the Cool Down icon on the screen to cool down the CPU by stopping and optimizing the apps on your smartphone.

Charging Boost

Charging boost feature of the DU Speed booster app can boost the charging speed upto 20%. The DU will apply a screen saver to the device that will help to reduce the battery consumption thus increasing the charging speed. The DU Battery Saver app will integrate with this app to provide a balanced eco-system on your smartphone. While this app is taking care of the Speed of the overall system, the battery saver will take care of the battery by optimizing the processes.

Game Booster

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If you are a hard-core gamer and want to play your favorite games without any problems in loading or working, the DU Game Booster can help you out. A boost button on the Game Booster screen will do the job for you. The Game Booster will automatically reduce the resource consumption of the apps and increase the performance of the games. When you are on the gaming sessions, the app will automatically restrict other applications from using excess amount of resources. That will give you a disturbance free smooth gaming even on high framerate games.


  • User-friendly Interface
  • One-Click Optimization
  • Game Booster
  • App Manager
  • Junk Cleaner
  • Security and Antivirus
  • Available in Free version
  • Numerous Useful Widgets


  • Limited Skins and Themes

What Users Saying about the App


DU Speed Booster helps you to keep your phone smooth, clean and secure! The users in countries like India, Brazil, Indonesia, China, Mexico, Thailand and Russia, using the app more than others. Primarily male users aging 15-35 using the app at the most. It is recommended to those who mainly use low to mid-range smartphones and want to extend their phone’s performance to be just as good as high-end phones. As the app itself provides a complete solution Boost, Maintain and Secure the smartphones, it does more than just a speed booster does. So, give it a try.

DU Speed Booster App Review
9.4 Overall
User Interface9.5
Value For Money9.5

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