5 Symptoms of a Faulty RAM in your PC or Laptop

If you are a regular computer or laptop user, you might be realising that the RAM is a crucial part of your system which can decide the performance of your system. In short terms, lower RAM means lower speed and stability of the system and higher RAM means, higher speed and good processing and multi-tasking power. So, the RAM plays a major role on your PC. As it is such an important part, any problems or damages to it could cause a lot of problems. So, we listed some of the symptoms of faulty RAM in computers. Have a look at them to realise the RAM problems when you experience them.

Symptoms of Faulty RAM in Computers and Laptops

Freezing Windows

If your file explorer or browser windows keeps crashing even after many windows reinstalls and other fixes, you might suspect the RAM of your system. Partially corrupted or damaged RAMs can create conflicts with the programs even if it manages to work. Try cleaning and reinserting your RAM and again diagnose it to check if the problem is fixed or not. If not, RAM might be the problem.

Frequent Restarts

Frequent system restarts without any manual actions may be the cause of a RAM failure. In most cases, such restarts may be due to the overheating CPU or motherboard. But the problem may also be caused by the RAM. If you’ve tried cleaning your CPU and applying gel to cool it down and the problem still exist? The RAM may be creating the problem.

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Computer Fails to Start

Normally, the computer startup failures are very rare. As the modern day devices coming with latest technologies to deliver an error free system boot-up, there is no need to worry about it. But, if you are facing it a lot of times, the RAM may be creating conflicts with your system. Once your system process can’t b accessed from the Random access memory (RAM), the system will fail to start.

BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)

This is the most important and notable case where you could decide the RAM problem about 80%. A blue screen with memory dump error either when running some applications or automatically may be the RAM problem. Sometimes, it can be resolved by removing and reinserting the RAM after cleaning it. If not, you could determine that the RAM is creating problems.

Applications/Programs Crashing

If your applications or programs crashing frequently and not responding for a while, it may also be the problem of your RAM. Only make it sure after checking it by reinstalling the applications or reinstalling the OS. If the problem still there, RAM may be again creating problems.

These are the common problems that will happen in computers and laptops when RAM misbehaved or damaged. Only do the fixes yourself if you are aware of what you are going to do. Otherwise, we recommend consulting a hardware technician.

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