Studies found that Heavy Smartphone Use Can Make Children Cross-Eyed

Smartphones are a necessity these days for the purposes like calling, texting, chatting, etc… It can’t be avoided because we want to make our tasks simpler and better. It is far easier to call your friend using your smartphone other than visiting his house by your car. So, smartphones are very necessary in our daily life. But, what about children? (Less than 5 years) Are they using it for such serious requirements? Do they have such situations that make it necessary to use smartphones? No. We don’t think so.

In today’s busy world, parents are not taking care of their child that much. Instead, they are trying to make their children to be concentrated on smartphone games or that talking tom cat to make them stay calm. As those types of games and apps are so addictive to the children, they spent hours in front of it without making any noise or disturbance to the parents. But, you are doing a serious mistake.

Recently, a team of South Korean doctors conducted a research on the link between the smartphones and the eye disorders in children aged under 5 years. And according to the Telegraph report, doctors at Chonnam National University Hospital in Seoul found that heavy smartphone use can cause crosse-eyes in children less that 5 years old.

Strabismus, or we calling cross-eyed or wall-eyed is a condition in which someone cannot align both eyes simultaneously under normal conditions. Or they can only align both eyes on a single object at a time. That causes both eyes turn in, out, up or down.

The scientists found that such children are holding the smartphone very close to their eyes and using it by focusing on the screen for several hours. According to the safer use of smartphones, even elder people shouldn’t use the smartphone for more than 30 minutes in a single session. In children, it is the age when all the body parts decide how to grow and how to transform. Using the smartphone for hours by not moving the eyes for hours cause the eye muscles to be weak that gradually causing the Cross-eyes. In children less than 5 years old, the process will be very quick, and the problems will happen very fast.

The scientists also found that about 80% of the children eye disorders can be cured within the next two or three months by avoiding the smartphones. They also added that

“Children showing signs of deviated eyes should consult a doctor immediately,”

So, it is your children, and it is their eyes. You have no rights to make your child Cross-eyed. As they even don’t know what a smartphone is, they won’t hesitate using the smartphones for hours. You are the one who can take decisions. So, decide…  🙁

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