Useless Websites on the Internet (They are also Funny)

Feeling bored? Want to kill time? Here we are sharing some of the useless websites on the internet that are built for nothing! There is no use for them other than killing some time in a funny way. So, we’ve listed some of those useless websites that we found so far and listing them here. Visit those websites and please don’t hate the creators.  😛

Useless Websites on the Internet

1. PointerPointer

Just move your cursor to any location inside the rectangle on the website. The website will generate an appropriate image that points out the cursor in any location inside the rectangle. It is a website built in Javascript and very interesting to think, How it works?

2. Emotional Penguins

These penguins are very emotional, and they are loving your Cursor 😳 . They will automatically move in the direction where you move the cursor, and once they reached the location, they will surround it with love. Try to be patient till they reach the 100km path. Lol…

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3. Blank

In the battle of the most useless website on the internet, the Blank website has a very big chance with absolutely nothing inside. The name of the website is blank and the title too. There will be nothing inside the website other than a cute white page.

4. Hooooo

hooooooooo…. heeeeeeeey…. hooooooooo…. heeeeeeeey…. That’s all what this website have. The website will redirect the users to these two websites simultaneously without ending. Don’t be angry to the creator. Me too in search for him.

5. IsMyComputerOn.Com

Are you not confident about your computer is ON or not? Visit this website and it will tell you the correct answer. Don’t hate me for this, because I am surely not the creator of that website.

6. YourNameinGum

Just pick your favorite Gum and type your name using them. It will remember what you’ve done in your kindergarten.

7. Patience Is A Virtue

Patience is always good. But this website will test it to the extreme. Take care of your monitor and avoid dangerous tools.  😛

8. Download More RAM

There are surely <1% of the computer users think that RAM is something that can be downloaded as a program. So, here comes the website that strengthens the belief of such poor people.

9. PleaseDonate.Biz

This website asks you some money for nothing! No images, no requirements, no about pages, no contact information. All the creator needed is some money for nothing. Be sure to not spend your money on this.

10. Make Everything Ok

Want to make all things OK in just one click? Just click the button on this website and everything will be OK. Lol… Not my words, but the creator implemented the website like that.

11. Most Exclusive Website

Want to be some executive?

  1. Visit this website and take a ticket.
  2. Then stay in queue and enter the website.
  3. After getting in, leave your message there and get out in 1 minute.

This website can be only visited by one person at a time. No two person and you will be the only one who viewing that website at a time. Interesting right?

12. Creepy Girl

No. I don’t think so. She is a little cute. Do you think so? Move your cursor to any part of the windows and she will move her eyes to that location.

13. Mirrormouse.Com

Want a mirror in front of you? This website will mirror your mouse movements realtime.

14. Eternalmoonwalk.Com

Infinite moon walk. I think, this website is under construction now. Otherwise, it is very much fun on this site to kill your time.

15. Plspetdoge.Com

If you are a dog lover and want to touch a dog virtually and have some fun, this website will let you do so. It’s a simple image reposition website with some coloured texts.

16. Yourmetricbirthday.Com

The website will ask you, When you will turn 10,000 days old and will calculate your age with some more days information. A simple website with a little javascript.

17. Dandandan.Net

I think this man need some water. He is tired of calling Dan Dan Dan…

18. Geokitten.Com

This website locates you based on your guesses on some kitten pictures. In my case, it worked well every time and located me correctly.

19. Worldsdumbestgame.Com

It is known to be the dumbest game on the internet. Do you think so?

20. Sanger.Dk

Exclusively for Pug Lovers. Enjoy the love of that pug. Do you like that Pug? I do like it.

21. Sad For Japan

To tell the truth, I still don’t understand the how it is related to Japan. While moving the cursor, it will resize the object and change the colours, that’s all what I know.

22. Last Page Of Internet

This website claims that it is the last page of the Internet. But, I don’t think so. Do you?

23. Ducks Are The Best

This webmaster really love ducks. While moving your cursor, it will remind the old Ubuntu painting software. I forgot the actual name.  😛

24. Shake The Worm

Want some high volt electricity? Get it from this worm by shaking your mouse as much speedy as you can. Just kidding.

25. Koalastothemax

Keep moving your cursor to create smaller circles as much as possible. At the end of the process, you will find the hiding picture under the circles. Looks interesting and the method of the game is quite interesting and very helpful to kill the time.

26. This Is Sand

In this website, pour sand to create colorful sand layers on the page. Notice the Circular Colored Button on the top right corner of the webpage and change the color. Start killing your time like a pro.

27. Feedthehead.Net

In this website, there will be a head with the parts that can be removed multiple times and can be used it to feed the head again. The parts will grow again as we feed them with the round shaped thing. Nothing much interesting, but still manages to pass the time very quickly.

28. Dontpopit.Com

This website checks your self-control. There will be a balloon at the top of the page. No. No. I won’t tell you the working. Just check your self-control.

29. Thenicestplaceontheinter.Net

This website will play some videos automatically skipped. Nothing more to notice other than the video controls and some sitewide links.

30. Candybox2.Net

A Simple website for those who like candies. But, at the time when I visited the website, it showed like crashed. Once before I visited recently, it was working fine.

31. Lacquerlacquer.Com

Paint the nail to look good with the red color. Nothing more than just a brush and 5 nails to paint.

32. Whitetrash.Nl

Show your creativity with the face by clicking on the face. The moustache and the beared will transform as you continue to click on the face.

33. Is It Christmas?

Have you doubtful about the Christmas? This website will show you if the day you visiting the website is the Christmas day or not. Once a year, the website will show your “YES” and all other days, the answer will be “No.”

34. Is Nickelback the Worst Band Ever?

Do you think so? Just visit this website and find it.

35. Is Margaret Thatcher Dead Yet?

Wondering if Margaret Thatcher is still alive? This website can answer you with the same. Just visit this website to solve your doubt.


Did you understand the use of this website?

37. The Really Big Button That Doesn’t Do Anything

The title of the page is really misleading. Right?

38. The Dots

These dots do not do anything. Really do they? Find it out by testing the website yourself.

39. Timeline

This website tells you the time, down to the second, the date, and what day it is. Sometimes, it shows the wrong year. But, everything else is working fine for me.

40. Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things

Do you understand why this website exist?

41. Has Fernando Torres Scored For Chelsea?

I think, he cares too much about the domain name…  😛

42. Instant Rimshot

Put your headphone on your head and press the giant red button. It will give you some sound on your headphone. Not looking that much interesting and may win the race for the worst website on the internet.

43. Wikipe

Did they misspelled the domain name? Or tried to clone the Wikipedia? Still to find out.


Is this is worlds worst website? Just check it out to find it.


Nothing but Purple. This website has a plain purple background that shows an ad space for the advertisers. Do you want to advertise there?


Watch the grass growing. The website will show you a grass field with a cutting machine as the cursor.


He simply asks for a like and 271,455 people gave him that till the date I am writing this post!


Do you think it is the best dinosaur? Is that cute?


I don’t think so.  😛


Play with the toilet paper roll. Hey… Don’t waste it.

These are the 50 useless websites on the internet that we found so far. We listed them just for a funny reason, and we don’t like hurting the creators in any manner. So, we think the readers also don’t hate the creators but enjoy those websites for a time pass. This website automatically take you to a useless website on the internet. If you are lazy to find them yourself, this website will help you.

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