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The Powerful Backup and Restore Software for Android Smartphones: Wondershare MobileGo

Wondershare MobileGo is an all in one software that helps to manage your mobile devices with ease. Several features including the Android backup and restore, phone transfer, data erasing, smartphone mirroring, one-click root, media converting, etc… makes it a complete solution for all the smartphone management needs. Recently, the developers also expanded the software to support iOS devices that widen the compatibility of the software. Now, it is very easy to do those difficult tasks like managing your files, making backups and restoring them, rooting the android device and even converting media files.

The MobileGo is mostly loved for the easy backup and restore of the smartphones. Using the software, it is a few click away from getting the complete backups of the entire smartphone. Virtually, it clones the entire device to any other device that you are restoring them later. Backing up android phone is no more a difficulty with this excellent backup software for android. It backups the complete smartphone including, contacts, messages, apps, videos, photos, music, files, etc… Users could restore their android phone later by the backup file made by the software. All they wanted to do is to connect the smartphone to the computer using a cable or by Wifi option provided by the software and follow those simple steps.

Apart from this, Wondershare MobileGo power packs some useful set of features in an effective manner. Having a thorough look at them will give you a better idea about the software. So, let’s dig in deep.

Wondershare MobileGo Interface

Wondershare MobileGo-5

MobileGo has a good interface where the functions are listed in a tabbed view. There are four main tabs on the screen that are named My Device where users can manage the files, music, videos, contacts, etc… in smartphones. Many other operations like Backup and Restore can also be done from this main screen. The Super Toolkit tab lists the functions of the software. In Download section, the users can download apps, music, and video files directly to the device. Forum section brings to the MobileGo community where the users can post threads and get answers.

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All in all, Wondershare MobileGo has a simple interface where all functions of the software can be easily accessed. No difficult steps or navigations are there which confuses the users. So, this user-friendly interface is one of the most loved features of the software.

Wondershare MobileGo Features

As we mentioned before, MobileGo has a bunch of useful features that covers almost all needs of the smartphone users. Let’s have a look at them.

Backup and Restore of Smartphones

The most important feature of the MobileGo is the Backup and Restore of Android smartphones. But, recently, they expanded this feature to the iOS devices too. The One-Click Backup will backup all the data on your smartphone including contacts, messages, apps, videos, photos, music, files, etc… Later, the files can be restored using the backup file from the software. The steps are very easy as the software will instruct you what to do and how to do. It will only take a few minutes to backup your entire data and restore them.

Phone Transfer

Phone Transfer is the easiest solution to completely transfer the entire files in your smartphone to another smartphone. If you bought a new smartphone and wanted the entire clone of your old smartphone, the Phone transfer feature of the MobileGo is the best option.

Manage your Contacts, Messages, Apps, Videos, Photos, Music and Files

Managing your contacts, files, music, videos, images and apps made easy by this all in one software. Users can install or uninstall apps, move them to SD card or phone memory, export apps, add music or video files, delete them, add contacts, remove duplicate contact and can do everything that you’ve done on your smartphone alongside something that can’t be done using a smartphone. So, it is an all in one solution for all smartphone requirements.

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MirrorGo feature of the Wondershare MobileGo let you project your smartphone screen on the desktop. Apart from just a projection, users could control the smartphone right from the desktop! You can do everything that you are doing with a regular smartphone. Can play games, can surf the internet, change settings and everything with the virtual smartphone on the desktop using the MirrorGo.

Data Eraser

Data Eraser will erase the Junk and Sensitive data on the smartphones to save the disk space. The software will do it in a safer way without affecting other files and apps on the smartphone. It is a unique feature that can’t be seen on regular smartphone management softwares.

Media Converting

Media converters are necessary to make the unsupported files to be played on your smartphone. The MobileGo media converter can convert the unsupported formats to the supported formats and then import them to your smartphone.

One-Click Root

Rooting smartphones is a nightmare to many of you. But the One-Click Root feature of this software will make it simpler as a simple click of a button. You just have to follow the instructions by the software, and you’ll get a completely rooted device with the administrative access.

Complete Device Information

Wondershare MobileGo-13

No need to search the internet for the details of your new smartphone. Just connect it to the MobileGo and it will give you the entire details of your smartphone including hardware and software.

Better Contacts Management

Using Wondershare MobileGo, it is very easy to manage the contacts. Users could create new contacts, delete them, find duplicates and remove them, import or export to Outlook, import or export to live mail and can do everything with the contact that they can’t do using a smartphone.

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Send Messages

Wondershare MobileGo-8

No need to disconnect your smartphone to send an SMS. The MobileGo let you send messages to your friends right from the software.

iTunes Support

Using the Wondershare MobileGo, users can import iTunes library to the smartphone or can export the files to the iTunes library. So, no need to depend on an extra software to do the job.

Direct App, Music and Video Download

Wondershare MobileGo-16

Users can directly download apps, music or videos from the Play Store, Online Music stores or Youtube. The feature is very useful as it let you directly download them to the smartphone using the PC internet. So, no need to use that slow mobile data anymore.

MobileGo Forum

Wondershare MobileGo-17

MobileGo Forum is the best place to share your doubts with the community. Thousands of members are ready to answer your threads, and you can also help them.


  • Complete Smartphone Backup and Restore Solution
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Good Processing speed of tasks
  • Various useful feature to completely manage smartphones
  • iTunes Support
  • One-click Root
  • MobileGo Community


  • Installation takes a bit longer


If you are looking for a good software that can do everything you needed related to your smartphone, especially the data backup and restore needs, the Wondershare MobileGo will be a good option. As it also has a bunch of other useful features too, going for it won’t make you hesitate. So, give it a try.

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The Powerful Backup and Restore Software for Android Smartphones: Wondershare MobileGo
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