Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: Pocket ‘Al’

Only humans are not in the world currently. Robots are being created and manipulated day by day with the latest technologies to make man rest in his room. As the effort increases, new technologies are being invented to fulfill the needs. Robotics is such a kind which has expanded vastly within a few years. Now, the technology is that much capable of creating an artificial human with the bare metal and some electronic chips. We call them ‘Robots.’

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They are the Autobots who has no real IQ but can think better than humans, they have no power but can do things better than humans, they have no intelligence but can act better than humans. Robotics took down the peaks of assumptions and faith. Do you think robots can live with us like our friend does? Can they chat with us like our neighbour? Can they help us understanding the situation?

Pocket ‘AI’ is taken by many giant companies to provide the slickest, most efficient AI companions – digital assistants, intelligent agents and chatbots. In the following video,’s Richard Waters explores the different devices on offer and the potential impact they could have on our lives. Take a look at it to know more about the same.

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