Who Invented the First Smartphone?

Smartphones has progressed to the extreme even to a level that can recognize our retina for giving access to it. Waterproofing, Dustproofing, Shockproofing are all made a revolution in the smartphone world. We have the giants like iPhone 6s and the Samsung Galaxy S7 in our hands. They are capable of making your tasks simpler, better and effective.

Have you ever wondered, who invented the first smartphone? and which was the first smartphone? If you answer Yes, we have the answer for you. The first ever device that was referred to as a ‘Smartphone’ was invented by IBM, the tech giants of the modern era. The device was called IBM Simon which was introduced in 1992 and released after two years in the US. It was priced around $899 near the price of the iPhone 6s Plus! So, we can dig deep about the first smartphone in the world.

IBM Simon

First Smartphone - IBM Simon

IBM Simon was a revolution in the smartphone industry as the first smartphone in the world. There was nothing comparable with a smartphone in that era. The first smartphone was capable of the features like calendar, world clock, appointment scheduler, email services, faxes, etc… all with an internal memory of 1MB. The huge screen was having a resolution of 160 x 293 pixels with the touch screen capability.

In that years, it was a great product that achieved 50,000 sales within the starting months of 1995. The carrier discontinued the Simon in that year. So, this guy stands out of the crowd as the first smartphone in the world, and IBM carries the honor for the inventor of the first smartphone in the world.

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Now, you have got the answer for your question, Who invented the first smartphone in the world. It is the IBM. If you have further questions, let us know that through your comments. We will reply as soon as possible.

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