India’s new pride – Made in India “Space Shuttle” by ISRO on its own

ISRO, the Indian Space Research Organization, is planning to prepare its own Space Shuttle, also the first Space Shuttle for India. As already ISRO started doing all of their new Satellites and its launch vehicles on their own and only made in India.

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Followed by their recent success with Moon and Mars research Satellites, Chandrayan and Mangalyan, which were launched with success on its first attempt. They now coming with the next step in space in technology, that is, an own space shuttle.

These plans are going on under the “Reusable Launch Vehicle-Technology Demonstration Program”. It is planned as “Two Stage To Orbit” to make the vehicle fully reusable. It is notable that, many countries are working on the reusable space vehicles and rockets. Thus, ISRO’s mission now is getting priority among the world.

Currently, the test for this mission is going on in Sriharikota of India, the ISRO’s Rocket launch station and also Main Office. The test vehicle is actually a 6 times smaller version of the final vehicle size. The test vehicle also looked similar to the US Space Shuttles.

As ISRO is planning on reusable technology, if it succeeds, it will be ten times cheaper than the actual costs of the present day Space Shuttles. Not only that, India would join the very few countries having their own Space Shuttle. The reports suggesting that, the reusable Rocket technology is not an easy thing to do in one or two years. Hence, this mission may hopefully produce the reusable Rocket technology based Space Shuttle in ten to fifteen years.

After the ISRO’s Mars Orbitter mission’s success, the whole world started watching it. Mars Orbitter mission named, Mangalyan, on 2014 reached the Mars on its first attempt. It is also a record that, India is the only country reached Mars on its first attempt.

Compared to the budget costs of any other country, India’s Manglayan project costs just a $74 million. India now also launching the satellites of their friendly countries with their Rockets. So, this Space Shuttle Mission by ISRO is being watched Keenly by all the countries involved in Space research.

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