OnePlus 3 Designs Leaked, Lack Innovation and Latest Trends

After the success of OnePlus One, OnePlus two and OnePlus X, the brand is set to launch the third phone in the segment, not surprisingly, aimed OnePlus three in the market. The designs of the phone have been leaked and in what comes as a surprise, it is quite different to its earlier phones. OnePlus seems to have gone the HTC way with their designs, especially the antennae which reminisces of the Taiwanese brand’s hardware design.

Fresh, new photos of the phone have splurged online with designs exactly same as the previous two. However, the model includes a capacitive home button, contrary to the previous one.
To wash away any doubts of the pictures not being real, the design gives testimony to the authenticity of the images with the presence of the hardware profile switch that appears on both, the OnePlus 2 and the OnePlus X. The upcoming model also consists of USB Type-C port, chin speaker holes, and the norm-bound 3.5mm headphone jack.

The audience and the experts seem to have been left disappointed with the lack of innovation and the absence of new, trendy designs with people taking to social media to express their disappointment and hitting out on the brand for coming up with a mundane design, having a huge resemblance to other competitor brands in the market.

But the big question that comes to mind is, do we really care about the design for a OnePlus phone? Isn’t it mostly about the interface and the rich features? Hasn’t that been the reason for their upscaling in the market?

It would be exciting times ahead for the Chinese handset makers as they aim to stake a huge claim as contenders for market leaders and would be hoping to overturn the design cons with the feature pros, just as in their previous handsets, which have seen exponential growth and base with users vying for the models and going to the extent of put themselves in the queue and wait for the turn to put their hands on the phone.

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