UFO Sighted on Alaska, Splits into many ! UFO Released Drones?

In this year alone, the UFO sightings reports getting increased in huge number. Not only the UFO News followers and researchers, many public are now seeing the UFO by their own eyes and took videos of them and sharing on the Internet. Also, the US election scenario moved a bit into the UFO related mysteries after Hillary Clinton promised to open a probe about Area 51, UFO’s and Aliens in USA. This is the recent boom in the UFO arena.

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Followed by this, there are many UFO video proofs being sent by many people around the world, mainly from USA in this year. We just got an UFO sighting video from an US guy. In the Youtube account of Jared.A, this video is being uploaded. This video is very clear and there is no doubt of any Photoshop or graphic works in it.

He also posted the same video into Reddit and participated in a discussion there and answered the questions asked by people in Reddit. It gives some belief that this video could be original. Also, this video sent to MUFON, who analyze the originality of all UFO and Alien videos. So, we are expecting a more detailed explanation from MUFON about this video soon.

The person who captured this video said the following about how he got into this –

Well I was on patrol and saw this light and thought I was an airplane. Then when I was coming around Morris Thompson Visiter Center I looked up again and saw a bright like shoot straight down and disappeared while the one in the video just kept on flashing and at that point I whipped out my phone and began to record. I was kinda scare but excited to be witness this anomaly and as you can tell in the video I was pretty in aww. The object was east of Fairbanks, AK and the phone dose not do it justice but it was brighter and just simply amazing to see.

In this video, we are clearly able to see a bright light in the Sky, possibly a UFO, moving upwards in a speed that can be followed with a human eye. He also captured this video with steady hands. Suddenly in the middle of video, we saw some flare of light separated from the UFO. Again we saw two flares came out. And after 1 or 2 minutes, the UFO disappears into the sky. No earthly flying object can disappear in such a speed.

There are lot of doubts over the flares. What it would be ? Is it any drones released by the UFO ? But, it didn’t look like drones. So, we have no idea yet.

Link to the Reddit Thread :

Possible UFO on 5-13-16 3am Fairbanks, Ak minute 1:03 &2:30 gets interesting from UFOs

Watch the Video here :


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