Meet New Google Allo, A New Messaging App With Google Assistant

In the year 2016 Google IO, Google launched a brand new messaging app for both Android and iOS. Meet “Allo” launched by Google at their annual developer conference in San Fransisco.

The Allo features a new Google’s interactive Assistant, which provides the easiest way to interact search queries. Google crafted Allo with unique features, users can use stickers, whisper shout and much more.

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Google Allo
The main attractive feature is Whisper shout, which allows users to customize their text by dragging your finger up and down for better context.

This new Allo app is powered by the AI bot Google Assistant and Google Knowledge Graph. To use this app, you have to give your mobile number and then have to link or sign up with the Google account. It is so simple like other Google apps and products to start to use and get access.

Google called it as Smart Messaging App, because of the most advanced AI features it has. One of such feature is, Smart Reply. With this, we don’t need to write a single letter to send a reply. The AI feature of the App analyzes the message and reply itself based on our past activity. This is not only for the Text messages, it also works on the Photos. This App can find whether the Photo has a dog or man or some kind of food.

The Google Assistant available in this app, who can help us to find the information we need. This Messaging app comes in support with another new Video app called “Duo”. So, this is great with Text messenger and Video calls.

There is also the most wanted end to end encryption to secure the private messages. To have the encryption on scene, we have to activate it in settings, before we start the private conversation.

Interestingly, both the Allo and Duo apps are available in Android and iOS. Google is slowly entering into the Apple world.


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