Find Your Way To Recovering Uninstalled Android Apps

In what comes as a respite for millions of Android users across the World, a way to recover uninstalled Android apps on Google Play is no more a secret. There are 3 easy steps to find your way to the uninstalled apps without sweating about it and promptly at that.

Over 19 million apps on the play store and so many on the phone, people hardly remember an app they once used and wanted to revisit. Trying to look for it on google or checking with friends or even traversing those 19 million apps just doesn’t sound tedious but is also a painful task.

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The easiest and probably the only way to those apps in a jiffy and with rather an ease is through the Play store itself. It is like someone asking you how to get an app back, and you say, “from the horse’s mouth”.

Steps for Recovering Uninstalled Android Apps

1.The first step the restoration is to get into the play store and hit the Menu icon up top. This shall give you multiple drop downs, the right one being the “My App & Games”. This shall lead you to the big set of applications you ever had under 2 main menus- Installed and All.


2.While ‘Installed’ holds the current apps, ‘All’ gives access to the apps that ever existed on your device in a chronological manner (latest to oldest). The apps that were once a part of your device, but are no longer are denoted by the symbol “X” which also has an option to remove the app from the history. Now unless, you are extremely unlucky and have gone ahead doing that, you are almost there.

3.You are now just a step away with the need of clicking on the app you want to restore. The Play store takes you to the App page from where you can easily install the latest version of the app.

The big point to note here is that the login to the Play Store needs to be from the same Google account, failing which the app history would not be available. If you still cannot find your app, trust on it having been taken down by the store. Now unless there is ‘apk’ file backup with you, you would just have memories of it and not the app. This is the very reason we strongly suggest the users take the backup of all the apps through the “Apps backup & restore” functionality, which shall be archived on the device and be access-ready as and when wanted.


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