Bluboo Xtouch vs Elephone P7000 vs UMI Touch vs Doogee F5 – Budget Smartphones Comparison

Bluboo Xtouch, Umi Touch, Elephone P7000 and Doogee F5 are Smartphones that has a lot of specs in same but significantly there is difference that brings us good chance to compare each of them.

Which one is better and in what way one better than the other?


Bluboo Xtouch, Umi Touch, and Elephone P7000 has the same design in front, but Doogee F5 goes unique in the front with a sharp-edged rectangle display.

In the back panel Umi Touch and Elephone P7000 has a plain Metal back panel, Bluboo Xtouch has a dazzling 3D mirror back cover, and Doogee F5 has a curved back panel with unique design as its front. Except Doogee F5, all of them has a fingerprint sensor in the front.

Overall, Bluboo Xtouch only comes in different with its 3D back panel.


Bluboo Xtouch has a 5.0 inches display with full HD resolution (1080 x 1920 pixels). Elephone P7000, Doogee F5 and Umi Touch, all has 5.5 inches display with full HD resolution. Though the big size is better for some people based on design, the full HD resolution in 5.0 inches display brings more sharpness and clarity than the 5.5 inches display. Also, the battery consumption would be less on the small screen than the big one. So, again Bluboo Xtouch differs itself from others with more clarity and sharpness in display.

Processor and RAM

Except Elephone P7000, all of them has MediaTek MT6753 Octa-core processor with 1.3GHz clock speed and Mali T-720 GPU, while Elephone P7000 has MT6752 Octa-Core processor and Mali T-760 GPU.

All of them has 3GB of RAM. But the internal storage is 32GB in the Bluboo Xtouch while the others only have 16GB. Here, Elephone P7000 has a one inch of better GPU than others. Bluboo Xtouch beats others with its 32GB internal storage.


Bluboo Xtouch and Doogee F5 comes with the Android 5.1 Lollipop while the Umi Touch comes with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Elephone P7000 runs the oldest Android of these four. It comes with the Android 5.0 Lollipop. Umi Touch is the winner by OS.


All of the smartphones has the same set of front and back cameras. In the rear, they have 13MP camera and in the front, they have 5MP camera. Both has flash support on the rear side.


Doogee F5 has the lowest battery of 2660mAh, Bluboo Xtouch has a 3050mAh battery, Elephone P7000 has a 3450mAh battery and the Umi Touch has a 4000mAh battery. As I told previously, the big screen may use more battery power. So, here I think Umi Touch has a bigger battery with 5.5 inches screen, and Bluboo Xtouch has a 3050mAh battery with 5.0 inches screen. These two qualifies as better than the other two.

Connectivity and other Features

All of them has all of the connectivity options such as Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G LTE, 3G, USB OTG, GPS, etc. Also, they have Fingerprint sensor in the front which acts as Home button except the Doogee F5, which has it on the back side.


Bluboo Xtouch costs $130, Umi Touch costs $150; Elephone P7000 costs $120, and Doogee F5 costs 150. As we have seen all of them has many components same, but the screen size, Battery Capacity, Internal storage are a major difference. Though the Elephone P7000 costs cheap than all, its processor and Software are lesser than all other.


We feel that Bluboo Xtouch gives more value for money than Umi Touch, Elephone P7000, and Doogee F5. Plus points of Umi Touch are a bigger screen and bigger battery. Elephone P7000 is the least good of all. Doogee F5 costs more than what it has compared to others. But, Bluboo comes in the good package with good price, especially its Internal storage is double than others also this has the best display experience because of full HD in small screen.

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