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Data Loss became a one of the major hurdles in the computerized working environment these days. Once only the big corporates used the Data recovery systems. But, now every individual needs the Data Recovery system after the data are getting more value in our work routine. EaseUS is one such Data Recovery Company, who makes the Data recovery easy for anyone with their apps. Also, cost effective when speaking from the small business entities or at the individual level.

We have read a Data Loss Statistics by EaseUS. It says 50% of Hard disks die within 5 years, 72% of businesses closed their business when they faced a major Data loss within 2 years and importantly 36% of the Data Loss in the world is Customer Data and Financial Information. They also released a stat based on country wise Data Loss. It is topped with the USA at 25.5%, followed by Netherlands 16.8%, Germany 11.4%, Britain 5.6% and the other countries.

This is shocking for a moment. If we all faced some Data Loss and thus the above stats are true then.

We all have faced some Data loss due to deleting a file mistakenly, Virus attacks, Hardware and Software corruption or other issues, hacking or even sometimes we deleted a file thinking we don’t need it anymore, but it might need after some time. So, the scenarios are different, but Data loss is eminent in all such situation.

So, what are the Data Recovery options before us? One is calling the Data Recovery Service, whom come by a person to our place and recover the Data lost with their Software and techniques. Another option is Data Recovery Software, which is useful for small business and individuals to recover the data themselves if the Data lost is not overwritten.

Without any doubt, the Data Recovery Service costs in several 100’s of dollars, while the Software is cheaper like $100 for one time to install and then we can use it for life. EaseUS is one of the popular names in the Data Recovery Software industry and has a lot of experience. The above stats itself would tell how much deep they are working. Check EaseUs Data Recovery Tools and solutions here.

Data Loss and Recovery

Data Loss and Recovery. An infographic by the team at Secure Data Recovery Services

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