Ecwid Brings The First Automated Sales Tax Calculation System To Merchants

Ecwid, the e-commerce platform that is home to more than 1 million merchants from around the world has been working along with TaxJar to bring you the latest improvement to their ever-popular service. They have developed a logical based sales tax calculator that can be implemented across all of your e-commerce sites that use Ecwid.

This calculator uses a logical system to determine the tax laws and regulations for the specific city that the purchaser is ordering out of. It takes in factors that include the country, state, city, and county that the purchaser lives in. It also takes into account the shipping taxes, the destination for the shipment and if there is any state to state taxes that should be placed on the purchase. It calculates all of these taxes automatically on your Ecwid-enabled e-commerce site to give your customers an instant price for their final tax-included transaction.

Before this new technology came along, merchants were forced to calculate these numbers manually. This resulted in a lot of time lost and increased the likelihood of errors occurring in this process. They were also made to comb through countless spreadsheets to provide quarterly reports which were used to ensure that they were following the correct tax codes for each location that they shipped to. The whole process was tedious, time-consuming and out-dated. This is why this automatic calculation system was so badly needed.

The integration of auto tax and VAT calculations will only further improve what many feels is already the top e-commerce platform out today. This is a premium service that is available to merchants right now. It will calculate tax rates in the US, Canada, and Europe and the developers are constantly working on adding more countries to the system.

About Ecwid:

Ecwid is a platform that specializes in e-commerce sites. They are used by more than 1 million merchants from across the world. They are used by so many because they make the process of integration as easy as possible for merchants. People love how they can use Ecwid across all of their e-commerce stores and combine them together. It even allows the merchant to add the same store across different sites altogether.

They are a cloud-based e-commerce platform, and they offer free accounts to newly registered users. A free account will provide you with all of the tools that you need to bring your e-commerce store to new heights.It will integrate seamlessly into any site, and it will help you improve the shopping experience for both you as a merchant and their customers.

About TaxJar:

TaxJar is a company that specializes in automated sales tax. They are one of the fastest growing automated tax companies in the world. They use their patented SmartCalcs technology developed by their engineers to generate tax calculations in real-time for their clients.

They also provide an automatic recording and reporting for merchants that sell on major e-commerce platforms such as eBay and Amazon. They have partnered together with Ecwid to bring you the world’s first automated sales tax and VAT calculator that can be implemented and used across the Ecwid platform.

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