Zeblaze MiniWear Heart Rate Monitoring Smart Watch Review

Zeblaze MiniWear Heart Rate Monitoring Smart Watch is a waterproof device that is coming with the Magnetic suction charging technology. As any other modern day smartwatches, this Zeblaze product is also coming with a lot of features to make your tasks simpler and effective. Heart rate monitoring, Sleep management, Pedometer, Anti-lost are all there on this product too.

Today we have decided to write a review of the Zeblaze MiniWear smartwatch to give you a better understanding of the product. So, it will be easy to decide whether to opt the product or not after reading this brief review of the product.

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This smartwatch is available in two color variants as Gold and Silver. Both are made of the stainless steel and leather. They look like a royal watch without showing anything as a smartwatch. The interface of the screen can be tweaked to numerous modes as per your preferences. The rectangular design gives a pleasant look to the display which is bordered by the stainless steel material.

While flipping the device, there it looks like a smartwatch with the Magnetic suction charge ports. The charger can be just attached to the backside for charging the 200mAh Li-Polymer battery which can standby upto 72 hours. The product is only weighing about 0.038 kg that feels lighter than a normal watch on your hands. It has a comparatively slim design that adds no bulk in your hands.

Looking inside, there is an MTK 2502C chip on the heart powering the device with the help of 128MB RAM and 64MB ROM. For a normal user, it is more than enough to control the features with ease. It is compatible with the Android 4.4 / iOS 8.0 and Above Systems using the Fundo Wear app. The app helps you access the details regarding your exercises, sleep, walking, heart rate, and much more things to help you better maintain your activities. It is also available for the iOS devices.

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The device can measure your heart rate with the HRM heart rate monitoring functions which will output the best accurate results. Remote camera feature let you take beautiful images yourself without depending anyone else. It can also notify you about the phone calls and messages. So, you will not miss any of the important notifications on your smartphone. It utilizes the Bluetooth 4.0 technology to send and receive information from the smartphones.

Sleep monitoring function can help you to get better sleep by monitoring the quality and duration of your sleep. Pedometer is a common feature in all smartwatches that let you track your exercises. The advanced technology used inside can provide the most accurate measurements utilizing the highly sensitive sensors. All in all, it is a perfect virtual assistant which can help you manage all your daily activities by storing the logs and letting you analyse it later for further reference.

Quick Features

  • Anti-lost
  • Remote camera
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Sleep management
  • Works with your Android / iOS phone
  • Remote synchronization
  • Pedometer
  • Water resistant
  • Track and manage your fitness


Zeblaze MiniWear Heart Rate Monitoring Smart Watch is a good product with a sleek design that looks promising like a Titan watch. So, you can wear it in any of your important meetings or in a classy party. The performance of the device also looks good. It is priced around $34.99 from some offers which are only for a limited time. There is only a limited pieces available on the store. So, if you would like to buy this smartwatch, it will be a good idea to be quick.

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Buy Zeblaze MiniWear Heart Rate Monitoring Smart Watch

Zeblaze MiniWear Heart Rate Monitoring Smart Watch Review
8.8 Overall
Build Quality8.5

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