Mid Range vs. Old Flagship, Which is Good and Why?

The smartphone market is going on budget oriented model. Companies like Samsung, Motorola, Asus, Lenovo and much more are producing mid-range devices. In recent years, the market became more competitive, and mid-range devices are performing well when compared to high-end devices. Recently Apple also jumped into the wagon and released a cheaper iPhone SE. This is the best example for the mid-range devices market share and sale. Unfortunately, Apple has failed in this segment with iPhone SE move. The company launched an old looking iPhone with latest specs. In countries like India Apple overly price the iPhone SE than in the US.

Here, I want to give a brief introduction about mid-range and flagship devices.

What is a midrange smartphone?

The name itself self-explanatory, these are created for budget oriented people. These phones offer good performance in all terms.

What is a flagship smartphone?

It is not: A phone flagged only for shipping…means only for online sales.

Smartphone manufacturing companies widely using the term Flagship. Flagship devices are companies best devices till the date regarding features, functionality, specs, performance, and price. It is simply the best phone available from a particular company.

Coming to the topic, Mid Range vs. Old Flagship it is a hard battle between two different categories. Here, in this article I’ve collected some points according to user mindset, these points will reveal Mid Range or Old Flagship which one is better and why? You can check the below table for comparison of two categories.

Mid RangeOld Flagship
Display: LCD Panel AMOLED or Retina Display
Resolution: HD or FHD FHD or 2K Display
OS: Marshmallow Lollypop or lower version
RAM: Starts with 1GB Starts with 3GB
Camera: Starts with 8MP or below Starts with 13MP and up
Processor: Snapdragon 615 or Older Snapdragon 820 or 810
Clock Speed: 1GHz or 1.6 GHz Up to 2.6GHz
Internal: 16GB or below 64GB and above
Support: You get One or Two Years Warranty Support is limited
Style: Average or Cheap Looks Uber Stylish
Updates: Can't say Regular Updates

In the year 2016, we have seen so many midrange devices with cool specs and promising updates. But last year flagship devices also attractive with reduced prices, solid specs and build quality.


In this battle, old flagship won the title. Old flagship device at a midrange price is a sweet loot for anyone. Flagship devices offer great build quality, cool looks, solid specs and value for money. You can check Amazon or eBay for old flagship device best deals at the midrange devices price point.

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