8 Things You Might Not Know About Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, has taken his University project into a global brand. Not only has it changed the way in which we communicate, but it’s also altered people’s perceptions on how to socialise. Of course, there are many reasons as to why Facebook is bad – research has shown that it can activate many bad emotions and take people into an addictive cycle, just like drugs might work. However, there are many great things about Facebook, too. This article explores a variety of things that you might not realise about the giant social network. Read on now to find out.

1. The Birth of Facebook

Facebook began as nothing more than a university project by the creator, Mark Zuckerberg. Founded back in 2004, the network becomes a big hit within the university population. Once released to the public, it also had the same appeal.

2. The Creator’s Mega Wealth

Mark Zuckerberg is estimated to be currently worth over $50 billion. Not only this, but the share price worth began at around $20, yet it’s now worth approximately $120. A fantastic increase for those who decided to put their stakes in Facebook. But, how long before a crash? Who knows?

3. Sneaky Facebook

The social network was caught back in 2012 conducting social experiments on its users. Not only did the users not know about this, but they were also manipulated into doing things within a positive or negative manner.

4. There is a movie about Facebook

You might know about this one, but if you don’t, it’s totally worth watching. The film is named ‘The Social Network’ and it takes you on the journey of how the concept of Facebook came to fruition. It was released back in 2010.

5. You can deactivate your account

Perhaps you don’t want to delete your profile but wish to deactivate it. Maybe you’ve had enough and wanted a break, or simply plan to ditch the network completely. You might be wanting to move to a different social media alternative. While you have the option to delete everything, deactivating it allows you to return. Therefore, you won’t lose any valuable data or photos. You’ll still be seen on your friend’s lists, but you’ll have the default photo, and it will show that you’ve deactivated so your friends know this.

6. Many users setup a profile for their pets

This is a funny one, right? The idea that a pet could type status updates and communicate on Facebook is simply absurd. Owners seem compelled to do just this. It might not be long before you get a friend request from Henry the Poodle – Oh, the humour!

7. You can create Fan Pages

These are fantastic for a variety of reasons. Business owners and bloggers usually like to create on to help promote their business or content. However, people with a passion for something specific can also create a page, for example, how about a fan page for your favourite band, sports team or hobby. You can then invite your friends to join.

8. There are lots of emotes you can use

From the smiley faces to the beer raising emote – they add fresh flavour to status updates and posts. Of course, Facebook introduced a few that you can now access when liking a post such as the love icon. Here’s a list.

So, there we have it; 8 things you might not have known about Facebook, which you now do. There are many more things that you can learn about Facebook. Do you have any ideas, tips, or information? If you do, leave them in the comment section further down the page.

It is a guest post by Alex.

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