10 Best Free Antivirus Softwares for 2016

It’s known that the viruses are one of the creepy things in the world. Both in real life and the virtual world, they are hated. Here we are talking about the viruses or malware in the virtual world, I mean, on your PC, Laptop, Android Smartphone, iOS devices, Tablets and anything you own which runs a program. Actually, the viruses or malware are real programs coded with a negative purpose. Hackers or Spammers taking advantage of the useful codes to steal the data or to destroy devices completely by creating harmful programs.

As most of the diseases have remedies, the viruses can also be cured using some good antivirus programs which identify and block them before acting on your computer. So, I’ve decided to provide the list of best free antivirus softwares for 2016 that will let you decide the best fit for the virus removal needs in your PC. Remember that, in this list, I am focusing the programs for PC users. The list for other platforms will be published in coming days.

Note: Here I am referring the harmful programs in different names including, Virus, Malware, Threats, Vulnerability, etc. Understand that all of them are referring to a meaning ‘Harmful Programs or Files.’

Best Free Antivirus Softwares for 2016

So, let’s start looking into the best free antivirus software that will effectively remove harmful programs from your computer. We sorted them based on many factors including, their scan speed, virus detection rate, features, ease in installation, etc. So, it might be a good list you can find.

1. Avast Free Antivirus 2016

Avas Free Antivirus 2016

Avast is undoubtedly one of the best free antivirus softwares for PC with the speed of scanning and the free features offered by it. It is widely used among the users as it provides very fast scanning and detection of harmful programs by effectively filtering the programs that look like viruses, but not actually. Most of other antivirus programs will put them on the Quarantine or even delete them without prompting the users. But, the Avast Free Antivirus is completely different from this.

The Interface is also very attractive as it previously accepted the windows 8 metro style for the navigations. It power packs almost all features needed for the protection of you and your PC. Anti-Theft, Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware, Internet Security, etc. are all the features of this good antivirus program.


  • Windows XP or Higher
  • Almost all Mac Osx versions

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2. AVG Free Antivirus 2016

AVG Free Antivirus

AVG free antivirus software is well-known for the detection level of threats. At the same time, some users facing difficulties with this very tough security system provided by this strict software. But, looking in terms of the protection, the software worthy to be one of the best solutions to prevent virus attacks on your PC. Our recommendation is that for those who need an average antivirus program that will not disturb them by detecting low-potential threats, the AVG is not a good choice.

For those who need to filter each and every file passing to or out your computer, the AVG antivirus is one of the best choices. Excess of advertisements may also be an irritation to some of the users.


  • Windows XP or Higher up to Windows 10
  • Mac OS X Mountain Lion or Higher

3. BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition 2016

Bit Defender Antivirus

BitDefender is also a popular antivirus program often referred as the best. The software contains a huge database of the detected malware on the globe that will be enough to filter the threats on your computer. It has an auto-scan feature which will automatically scan removable devices plugged into the port. When compared to other antivirus programs on this list, it has comparatively bigger updates that will not be favorable for the limited internet users.

Another important thing to notice on the BitDefender is the Auto-pilot mode which will automate all the tasks related to the protection of the PC. Anytime, users can switch back to the User-mode for having a self-controlled security environment. Some users also reported that the software reverts the Auto-update feature while switching the control modes.


  • Windows XP or Higher including Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • Android 2.3 or Higher

4. Avira Free Antivirus 2016

Avira Best Antivirus 2016

Avira is once the best free antivirus solutions. To be honest, it has a very fast scanning and detection speed when compared to all of the softwares in this list. But, as per the previous reports, it misses a few of the latest malware and not filtering them from entering the computer. It created a bad impact on the popularity of the software among the global users.

From our tests, it doesn’t feel like the software missing any threats and working fine like any others on this list. The scanning speed is also far better than others. So, it might be a good choice as an antivirus program.


  • Windows XP or Higher upto Windows 10
  • Mac OS X 10.9 or Higher
  • Android 2.2 or Higher

5. Panda Free Antivirus 2016

Cloud panda good antivirus program for 2016

This little Panda software can do a lot. It is one of the most leading antivirus programs out there on the market. While it also offers a number of additions when compared to other softwares for completely free. The detection level of the software looks good and the scan speed is also perfect. The auto scan feature may create some problems with specific hardware plugged in. Some users also reported that it misses some autorun viruses. Actually, it not misses, but a few well-programmed viruses are wise to act before an antivirus does.


  • Windows XP or Higher
  • Android 2.3 or Higher

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6. Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+


The smooth installation and the effective notifications are what we mostly liked in Ad-Aware Free antivirus+ software. It has all basic features required to well maintain the health of your computer but still misses something which in only available in the paid version of the software. Interface looks pretty interesting without any sneaky problematic navigations.

As I mentioned, the smooth installation catches our eyes which is far faster than others on the list. The beautiful notifications are also good which does a lot in terms of notifying the users about vulnerabilities. In the battle for the best free antivirus program of 2016, it also has a unique place.


  • Windows XP or Higher upto Windows 10

7. 360 Total Security 2016

360 Security virus protector

360 Total Security true the name by providing a comprehensive, effective and user-friendly antivirus solutions that protect the computers up to down. It is well-known for its ability to protect you from the harmful websites on the internet. No matter how you are browsing where you are browsing, if you have this antivirus installed in your computer, you are protected. Said the developers.

The 360 Total Security also has the features like Parental control and a strong firewall to protect you from the untrusted networks. So, 360 total security is also an honorable mention in this best free antivirus softwares for 2016 list.


  • Windows XP or Higher upto Windows 10
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or Higher
  • Android 2.2 or Higher

8. Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft security essential

Microsoft security Essentials is the best free firewall software available for the windows. Microsoft made a lot of improvements on the software to make it very simple and effective. When comparing to other giants on this list, this is a little software with nothing special to notice. But, it effectively does the job. It has no features like automatic removable media scan but will automatically detect the virus on its first attempt for the action. If you need a very simple antivirus which uses a very low system resource, the Microsoft Security Essentials will be a good choice.


  • Windows XP or Higher

9. Comodo Antivirus

Best Antivrus Comodo

Comodo is a known name in the browsers. They also have an antivirus product of their own. The software primarily targeting the online protection of the users. So, it has a browser extension that will filter all the websites you visit. It will display you a warning when you are trying to visit a malicious or spammy website. But, from our experience, the software is very heavy and uses a lot of system resources. Regarding the protection, it is an excellent choice. If you prefer the performance of your computer, it might won’t be.


  • Windows XP or Higher including Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or Higher
  • Android 2.2 or Higher

10. MalwareBytes Antivirus

Malwarebytes Free Best antivirus for PC

MalwateBytes is one of the best free antivirus and firewall combination out there. The software gives equal importance for the virus protection as well as providing a strong firewall for your PC. The software is very small in size and very lightweight too. It uses very fewer system resources. But, in the free version, it misses some features which are there with the pro version of the software.


  • Windows XP or Higher

Wrapping Up

Now, I think you have got the best antivirus program for your PC. If you can’t find your favorite software on the list, please let us know that. We will consider it for extending the list further.

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