Mpow-Cheetah Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headphones Review and Father’s Day Deals Details

Mpow-Cheetah Headphone is a wireless device which comes with the Sweatproofing technology targeting the people who often do exercises and Gym activities. The device utilizes the nano-coated sweat proofing on the circuit boards to deliver superior protection from the sweat damages. It can also resist a small amount of water poured in accidentally. It uses the Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity for the communication with the smartphones which also let you call-back even without touching your smartphone.

The device has a behind-ear ergonomic design not to disturb you in exercises or Gym activities. Lightweight design also helps to improve the usability of the headphone. Today we are giving you the Mpow-Cheetah Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headphones Review to let you know more about the features of the device. So, having a look at them will help you determine whether it fits your needs or not.

Mpow-Cheetah Headphone Design

MPOW cheetah design

The Mpow Cheetah has a very elegant design with a nice usage friendliness. You just have to put it on your ears through the backside, and it will attach there until you manually remove it. The lightweight design is the key for the grip of the headphone in your ears. It never feels you wore a headphone in your ears even in continuous usage for hours. Stylish streamline design on the back sounds good for having an irritation-less usage of the device.

As I have mentioned before, it is coming with the sweat proofing to prevent accidental damages during hours of exercises or Gym activities. You never have to put in on the table even you are extremely sweating. The chips are covered by the nano-coating not to allow water to enter in.

The device feels very lightweight on the ears and creating no discomfort even after long continuous hours of usage. So, it will be suitable for the extreme sporting and exercises which last for a long time. It is available in five different variants are all looking nice in the design. The colors are aligned in such a way that to provide maximum beauty on your ears.

Mpow-Cheetah Headphone Features

As any other headphones, the Cheetah also has a bunch of features to talk. Having a look at them will give you a better idea of the device.

Ergonomic Design


The Ergonomic design is one of the most noticeable feature of the headphone. It can be folded to carry it in your pocket without having the hassles of those old wired headphones. It is very lightweight, as per the company they describing it as ‘light as a feather’. Yes, from our experience too, it feels very lightweight when compared to other wireless headphones on the market. The Cheetah is made of high-quality materials such that to provide maximum durability and lifetime.



Sweatproofing is an essential feature for those who are frequently doing exercises for a long time. Most of the non-sweatproof devices will get damaged when sweat enters the chips inside. But, in the case of this device, no tension as it is coming with the nanocoated circuits inside. It can resist sweat entering the device even for a long time. It is a unique feature to have such a sweat proofing even inside the device.

AptX Stereo Sound

Mpow-Cheetah-Aptx Sterio Sound

As any headphones are primarily used for enjoying music, the sound clarity is an essential feature that must be in a good headphone. So, the Mpow Cheetah power packs the AptX stereo sound coupled with the Bluetooth 4.1 technology to deliver superior sound quality. No matter how far you are from your Bluetooth-connected device, the extended technology is far enough to capture the signals and convert it into HD audio.


The headphone feels very lightweight on the hands. The titanium wire material used is very light weight. It provides a nice comfort that will not hurt your neck even after a few hours of the music listening. The material is very flexible that not to create discomfort in fitting it perfectly. The high-quality plastic materials on other parts also improve the light weight of the headphone.

Long Battery Life

When compared to other competing headphones, the Cheetah has a good battery life. It offers over 8 hours talking or music playing time and 180 hours of standby time. That is far enough to fulfill the needs of an average user. It can stay all the day with your exercises without having to recharge it again for another usage.

Hands-free Calling-Black

It is not likely to stop concentration on your exercises when your smartphone is ringing. If you have this headphone in your ears, it is just one button away from answering the calls. If you wish to call them back, you can also do that from this device. So that, you will never again need to stop your exercise for calling back your friend and telling him that you are busy right now.


  • Sweatproof design
  • AptX Stereo sound
  • Good Design
  • Lightweight
  • Hands-Free Calling back


  • No noticeable Cons


Mpow-Cheetah Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headphone is a good device to consider if you are frequently doing exercises or going to Gym for working out. The most important feature is the Sweatproofing of the headphone that will keep your device safe from accidental damages due to sweat. The design and battery life also states it is a good device that worths a try.

Based on our test, the device works fine and outputting good quality sound with the help of the AptX stereo sound technology. We tested from different distances like 10 meters and 20 meters, and we couldn’t notice any quality change in the music. While on the high bass music. It is performing average and on soft music, the sound quality is excellent. It also feels very lightweight as the company stated.

If you would like to avail the device, there is a 20% offer on it as the Father’s day off from Mpow. You can get it from the link given below. Remember that it is a limited time offer and only a limited pieces are available on the sale. So, it will be better to be quick.

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Mpow-Cheetah Heaphones Review
9.3 Overall
Sound Quality9.5

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