What Made Angry Birds So Successful?

It seems fair to say that the app markets are now littered and congested with an endless amount games to enjoy. However, you need something special to grab the attention of those looking for something unique and different.

Interestingly, according to recent statistics, the Google Play store now contains more available apps to download than that of Apple’s iOS. Combined, the two stores would have over 3 million apps at the disposable for customers to select from.

Angry Birds was able to take advantage of the smartphone and tablet technology by storm, bringing to the table a simple-to-play game that was addictive and fun. Of course, many similar games soon followed, yet it was Angry Birds which created this very trend.

Angry Birds game

The future of tablet and smartphone gaming is surely up for debate. After all, tablet sales are slowing, and while smartphones are still growing, there must be a phase when things support. With that said, expect Angry Birds games to dominate the touchscreen device market well into the future.

Who would have ever though that flicking a variety of angry birds at obstacles would attract mass appeal? The answer, of course, is the Finnish company, Rovio Entertainment. Like with many apps, Angry Birds was inspired by another title, which was Crush the Castle.

The simple formula becomes popular with smartphone owners, and that’s how Angry Birds has become one of the bestselling app games of all time. Furthermore, the success has helped to create an award-winning series which has expanded over to other platforms such as the PC and gaming consoles.

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The original game released back in 2009 and has risen to success ever since. But, what exactly made Angry Birds so popular? This isn’t just a great question to ask, but it’s probably easily answerable, too. The original iPhone, which should probably be considered the first mass-selling smartphone, launched in 2007. Therefore, Angry Birds released soon after, providing one of the best and most entertaining games for this new touchscreen technology.

Simply put, the timing was probably part of the overall scenario, allowing the initial title to become instantly popular with a technology crying out for a game that made full use of a touch screen device. For this reason, smartphone technology was probably excelled thanks to apps such as Angry Birds, tablet technology, too.

Colourful, delightful, enjoyable are just three words that help to describe a game that has helped to define touchscreen technology. Not just this, but the developer has helped to provide a creative appetite for other developers at that period.

Overall, Angry Birds is a marvel that continues to impress a whopping audience today. Expect the series to continue its innovative routes with seasonal releases and DLC expansions. If you don’t own a touchscreen device, then you should be aware that you can play Angry Birds from your PC, this is done by using the Poki arcade website.

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