Sasha Morse Flashlight – Free Android App Review

Have you ever communicated with your friends using a sign language? Ever wished if you got a language which is hidden to others? Morse is such a communication system where letters are represented by combinations of long and short light or sound signals.

Based on this system, the Sasha Lab developed an app called Sasha Morse Flashlight – Free. Apart from just a flashlight app, it can do a lot of interesting things. The app serves the users as a wartime Telegraph that does something more than a torch.

It also has a built-in SOS signal system that can be used in emergency situations. We’ve got this app to review today. So, let’s have a deep look into the features and details of the Sasha Morse Flashlight – Free app.

Sasha Morse Flashlight app Interface

The app has a simple interface where a torch is placed with a switch that can be used to turn ON and OFF the flashlight. At the first look, there is nothing more to do with the interface. But the round violet icon with the Sasha symbol will bring the SOS alert and Morse encoding screen where you can do the job. The Gear icon under the switch will bring the options like social sharing and the app information.

In the SOS alert and Morse screen, there is a round button for the SOS alert and the Morse alert can be accessed by typing in the text field. Tapping on the text field will bring the built-in quick messages. To send the secret Morse messages, just tap on the Send button on the bottom right side of the screen. Users can also tap on the big round on the bottom for sending custom Morse signals.

The Sasha Morse Flashlight app is designed in an elegant way without any complications. The navigations looks interesting as they are arranged in a unique manner. All in all, the interface of the app is quite interesting easy to navigate.

Sasha Morse Flashlight app Features

Apart from normal flashlight apps, Sasha Morse has a unique set of features stacked all together. They are all boosting the usability of the app to a great extent. So, let’s have a look into the most important features of the app.

Brightest vintage flashlight

Sasha Morse App Review -1

As any other flashlight apps, the Sasha Morse also has a simple flashlight feature that accesses the camera of the smartphone to enable and disable flash. It is simple as tapping a button to turn on the light and turn it off. From our tests, the app produces very bright light by utilizing the maximum capacity of the flash.

A unique feature is that it automatically turn on the flashlight on the app launch. It is a good feature for the quick access to the flashlight in emergency situations. Usually, the flashlight apps need an extra tap to enable the flashlight.

Built-in SOS signal

Sasha Morse App Review -7

If you ever face an emergency situation, the SOS signal feature of the app will be the key. It can send an immediate distress signal that may be your life saver.

For those who don’t know what is SOS :- SOS signal is a continuous sequence of three dits, three dahs, and again three dits, which run together without any letter spacing. As per the International Morse Code, three dits will form the letter S, and three dahs form the letter O, so ‘SOS’ signal is formed. SOS is globally known as the Distress signal.

Send encoded Morse messages instantly

Sasha Morse Flashlight Review and features


As I mentioned before, the Morse messaging is the key feature of this flashlight app. It is very unique to see such a useful feature on a flashlight app. For sending the encoded Morse messages, you just have to type it in the given text box and tap the Send button which is placed at the end of a chord. You can also select the pre-set Morse messages for the common uses.

Tapping the large circle will produce the custom signals both in the form of sound and light. So, if you are already an expert on the Morse signals, you can do that yourself without depending the keyboard.

One-tap pre-set messages

Sasha Morse App Review -7

For those who are lazy to type the Morse messages, the Sasha Morse Flashlight app has the pre-set Morse messages on the app. You just have to select the required message and tap the Send button. The app will do the rest. It contains almost all common messages including, “Hello, how are you?”, “See you later,” “What’s up,” etc.

Good Design

While talking about the app, it is very important to mention the Retro design which is manipulated in a nice manner. It plays a vital role in providing a unique look to such a unique app. Apart from showing some simple buttons for the navigation, the developers accepted a pleasing system implemented for user-friendliness.

The animations are also sweetening the design of the Morse flashlight as well as providing some nice visuals. So, the design is a great plus point to this app.

No annoying ads

There are no annoying ads on the app. It is very irritating to see such unwanted ads which are very common in Android applications. It considerably reduces the user experience of the apps. So, the developers doesn’t included such irritations on the Morse flashlight app.


  • Brightest vintage flashlight
  • Retro Design
  • Nice animations
  • Built-in SOS signal for emergency
  • Send encoded Morse messages instantly
  • One-tap pre-set messages


  • No important cons to notice


Sasha Morse Flashlight – Free is a nice app with the built in flashlight functionality coupled with a set of unique Morse features. If you ever needed a special communicative system for any purpose, this Morse flashlight app will be useful. As it also provides the SOS emergency alert system, it is something more than a play toy.

So, it worth to be installed in your lovely smartphone. If you would like to give a try, you can do that from the following link.

Get It On Google Play

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