5 Reasons to Buy OnePlus 3

OnePlus has always managed their devices with hype trains and tons of promotional postings. OnePlus One left embossed the possibilities of the great device at cheaper rates. Then, came in OnePlus 2 which was a little over do with ‘Flagship Killer 2016’. With compromises like AMOLED display, Quick charge and NFC support. Never the less, OnePlus was back with a bang yesterday with OnePlus 3, surprisingly with almost no promotions. The price tag was exposed hours before the launch at Amadon India’s listing. Smartphone users are just in dilemma to go with it or just settle with other devices in the vast market. So, here we are with Top 5 Reasons to buy OnePlus 3.

1. Mega-RAM

If you are a heavy gamer and have love multitasking on your beloved device, then 6 GB RAM is just for you. OnePlus has also made this future secure. It should easily last till Android P and Android Q. If you are having long-term plans with mobiles then undoubtedly go for it

2. Crispy Display

OnePlus kinda corrected their mistake this year going with a Super-AMOLED Samsung-made display with a bit of software tweaks on color and saturation part. It’s one of the best available displays in the market. Crispy resolution is your class, then grab it today!

reasons to buy oneplus 3

3. Oxygen OS

The closest experience to Android Vanilla experience after Nexus 6P can only be given by OnePlus 3 right now. OnePlus has also opened kernel and development sources for it, right after the launch. It hints that OnePlus 3 is going to one to many custom ROMs very soon. The guides on rooting OnePlus 3 are already out. It’s kind of developer friendly already.

One Plus 3 smartphone

4. Dash Charge

Dash Charging is one of the mightiest features. A single dash charge of 30 mins will last whole day. OnePlus also claims that dash charging won’t lead to any over-heating or current drop issues alike Qualcomm’s quick charge. Seems pretty right this time. And yes, you will need a special cable as well as a charger to enable dash charging. Both of which will be provided by OnePlus in the retail box unit.


5. Bang for the Buck

Try finding every single flaw. Ignore every highlighted super spec but at the end of the day, you will end up appreciating OnePlus to make a flagship matching toe to toe with other OEMs out there at just 27,999 INR. It steals the show.

That’s it. If you are coming from an old flagship, then OnePlus 3 is definitely worth the upgrade. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Mohammad Shahebaz is an author at Android News Box, felicitated the Award of Excellence by Microsoft Corporation at Microsoft World Championship in 2013, Delhi. He is an upsurging ethical hacker and loves what inspires him.

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