Making Work Easy: Wrike’s Online Project Management Software

Managing projects is a complex, sometimes brutal process involving not just deadlines, but actual people and resources. This is where a project management tool can come in handy for providing ease in juggling all the moving parts in your projects while staying efficient in terms of time. Wrike is one such online project management software with a variety of features that can help your business accelerate its work and efficiency.

No matter whether you’re working with a Marketing & Creative team, a Project Management team or a Product Development team, Wrike is an online collaboration tool with a variety of features to help teams communicate and work together. Wrike allows you to view in real time, the work that your team members are accomplishing. It can generate reports on the team’s progress, or on its resources, even the entire project timeline, and more. It also has the added benefit of being one shared space for your team to discuss their feedback on ongoing work, whether it’s for your Support, Sales, Marketing, or even Development teams.

In Wrike, you can create projects with a few clicks and can start assigning tasks to your team members. The person who gets a specific task will be responsible for completing it by the due date. And because Wrike is a team collaboration software, anyone can assist in completing the task by contributing feedback in the comments, or entering useful information in the task description. The user interface is friendly but powerful, providing you with privacy and security features so that confidential information in one project isn’t accidentally shared with people in another department and so on.

Wrike Online Project Management Software Review

It can seamlessly integrate with services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, iCal, etc. to connect with the tool you already use and have one place for all your team’s files and reports. The integration support varies according to your subscription level with the Wrike.

Wrike offers several tiers of service including a Free forever version with some limits. Still the free version can have up to 5 users with an unlimited number of collaborators. It is very rare to see such a widely-used software provide a free version for users. But with one step up in the plan, you’ll find no limits to the stuff you can do within Wrike.

Other notable features include: an effective notification system, Live Editor, file and resource management, time and budget tracking, Interactive Timeline (Gantt charts), mobile apps, email integration, data encryption, 24×7 support — all these make Wrike one of the wiser choices for enhancing your team.

For those who need a little more clarification of the software, here is a demo video:

Quick Features of Wrike

  • Quick setup without any complications
  • Lots of learning resources for users
  • Effective tracking and analysis of projects
  • Helpful for any kind of business
  • Live Editor for real-time collaboration on a task
  • Real-time reports
  • Integration with numerous services
  • Data encryption
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Free version
  • 24×7 support

Wrapping all this up, Wrike is an excellent solution with all the necessary features to make managing your most complex projects much easier and more time-effective. Just as other businesses have chosen to implement it, including giants such as Paypal, Hootsuite, and HTC, we also do recommend this product to you.

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    Todd Dunphys Jun 23, 2016 at 3:10 pm

    Thanks Sarath for your article. For me, the best tool to run projects smoothly, efficiently, and profitably is Nutcache. It’s one of the only all-in-one collaborative project management apps on the market.

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