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With the advent of computers, almost this whole planet got digitalized, right? Everything we had offline in the hard copies, was now available in the soft copy formats. Everything, yeah.

And that’s exactly how Microsoft revolutionized the current era! We got Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, and to add to all of them, the pdf files! So yeah we had soft copies of every written document we needed.

So being honest, that’s what this piece is about! It’s a product review! In fact, a “platform” would be a better way to describe it, a Free, easy, a super fast website that let’s you convert any PDF file to a Word file in seconds!

Yeah, I’m talking about this awesome PDF to Word Convertor:!

So what it let’s you do is, it lets you convert PDF files to Word Files. Word files as in Microsoft Word files.

PDF to Word Convertor –

Ms-Word Files

Multi-Tool Word, yeah that’s what Msword was called earlier, it wasn’t always Ms-Word you know. Ms- Word is a text editing tool, not just editing, a complete digital text solution.

Word is available both for Mac and Windows. It has the .doc file extension, that’s the file extension in which doc files are saved, and this tool which I’m talking about, the pdf to doc converter, converts pdf files to this doc format.

There are some different file extensions for Word files, namely .doc .docx etc. But the tool doesn’t discriminate. So this tool converts the files to the .doc format, the format which is universally accepted by all the Ms-Word formats alike.

PDF Files

PDF files are the abbreviation for Portal Document Format. PDF files are also text based viewers, meaning you can’t edit files in PDF, but you get a standalone file for the text and you can view it using any PDF viewer, or web browsers.

Now the point is you can’t “edit” PDF files, right? But there might be moments when you’re getting the document in the PDF format only, and you might have to edit it.

Well, that’s where this tool comes in. It will allow you to download /obtain your PDF files, and then edit them as you want, so maybe you could download an E-book, and add your own content to it or something like that.

Why Use Word Files Over PDF

If you’ve been wondering why you even need word files in the first place, then let me explain that to you. Your question is totally legal, why would you even want to use Ms-WORD documents and not Word, right?

The first point? Word Documents can be edited, PDF? Nope, you can’t.

Secondly, to view a PDF file, you’re going to need a PDF software. Of course, most browsers work too, but that’s the point that for the best experience you’d need to use Adobe Reader or something. While with Word Documents you can read /edit them using Ms-Word! Which is a native application on Windows systems?

Images: – You can’t reuse, download the images from a PDF file. That’s a problem because if you send someone something in a PDF file, it makes things hard for him.

While if you convert the same file to a Word document using the above link, you can just download the images right off the word file!

Processing Power: – Ms. Word is not just a text-viewer, it’s a Text processing tool! In fact, you can do so much as create invites, memos and lot of other things using Word.

While you can’t do that using PDF’s or any PDF viewers. So yeah if you’re looking for a complete text+image processing, editing tool, then you just can’t go for PDF files.

Final Note

So yeah My advice? Just head over to the PDF to Word Convertor I mentioned, click on Select Files, choose your PDF files, and it would automatically and instantly get converted to a Ms-Word file.

Nope, I’m not saying PDF files aren’t worth it. When it comes to transferring, sending or receiving files, PDF’s work best. They’re lightweight, and they’re standalone meaning they compile all the characters of the file in ASCII characters and make transfers easy.

So yeah bottom line? For viewing or Transferring purpose, go with the PDF’s, but if you want to Edit/change or work in a better environment, or work on the file in any way at all, use the above PDF to word converter above to convert your PDF files to Word files instantly.


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