How To Take Quality Photos With Your Android Phone

Ok, we’ll admit it. After launching of smartphones, the way of photography is completely changed. It seems convincing to suggest a good smartphone to take professional looking photos. Technically we are not talking about the technology used in smartphones or any rocket science involved behind the smartphone photography. But every company uses different lens and default settings. So your way of taking pictures may vary from phone to phone. To avoid mistakes and to get best results in smartphone photography here is our short and crisp article to improve your skills.


So what’s this Focus? Focus simply means the complete lens attention on a person or object you are shooting. Luckily, the smartphones allow manual focus on their touch screen to select the correct person or object to capture. Means when you focus you can get a clear picture while making the background blurry. It is the fist and foremost important point to get better photos on Android phone. If you are struggling with your Android device manual focus, there are several apps in Google Play Store to simplify.

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Lighting Modes

Lighting modes play a pretty important role while taking photos. No matter you are capturing a rich landscape or detailed macro shot, a well-detailed lighting on the object is necessary. Smartphone cameras come with tiny sensors; they are capable of capturing great photos. If you want to take good quality photos on your Android device just, use a good amount of light while you were shooting.

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Don’t Use Flash

Flash photography is not any easy subject. No matter you take extreme care with a flash used a photo, always result disappointing. The natural light and flash will always create a disturbance in your photo with blurry or pixelated looks. It is always advisable to turn off the flash and use natural light conditions to capture your memories.

Clean Lens for Clear Photos

Lenses are easily getting dirt and smudges. The outer part of the camera lens is easily attracted to dust and handprints. Results, when you want to take a pic, they will create a blurry and disturbance. To get rid all of these, clean and protect your lens from dust, you will surely notice a decent image quality after cleaning.

Camera Modes

Shooting Modes

There are several types of shooting modes options we see in present Android smartphones. Companies like Asus and Oppo focusing on the good Camera apps with a nice set of shooting mode options. HDR, Low Light, Night Mode, Depth, Slow motion, Panorama and Selfie modes are nowadays people choices. For example, in a selfie mode, you can set the number of faces to focus or aim at yourself to take a good quality picture.


Avoid Zoom

Most people are unaware of the digital zoom is killing the image quality. Smartphone lens is very tiny, and they can’t handle DSLR or Point-shoot camera like zooming clarity. If you own a smartphone like Asus Zenfone Zoom or Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, just simply avoid the zoom effect for photos.

AsusZenfonemax camera sample4

Macro or Zoom

Smartphone lens is very tiny lenses as discussed above. They lack the capability of taking long shots without blur like DSLR. It is always suggestible to take macro photos with smartphones. Close up shots of any object, human or animal using smartphone results are surprising.

Landscape or Portrait

There is no introduction is needed for Landscape and Portrait modes. Usually, smartphone photos are visually attractive when you take snaps in landscape mode. If you want to capture a long object like Eiffel Tower or a tall person portrait mode is suitable.

Smartphone Tripod

Use Tripod

Tripods are no longer a new accessory. Nowadays it became familiar using a tripod for smartphones. Using a tripod can reduce the shake effect and for longer exposure shots it comes very handy. For better smartphone photography you can invest some money on tripods. Luckily, in the market, there are plenty of tripods available in various sizes.

Hold Patience

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still. It is a popular photography quotation. If you want to take a good quality photo, you must have to be patience. Concentrate on your target, check light conditions, wait for the perfect movement and save your snap.

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