iSkysoft iMusic – Download and Record Online Music with Ease

Getting your favorite music files was never easier. A lot of effort and time wasted searching the music files online. Even there are the services like Youtube Red and Spotify; users still lack a good software to do the job for them. An all in one solution can help to discover, download and manage music files with ease.

iSkysoft iMusic is such a hot production from iSkysoft family for making it super-simple finding your favorite tracks and getting them on your Computer or Apple devices. The software is available for both windows and mac to fulfill the needs of any users. It is a Music Downloader, Music Finder, Music Manager and can even transfer music files between the devices. All features put together outputting an excellent result on this simple and efficient software.

Today, we have the iSkysoft iMusic to review. In this review, we will be covering the features of the software to know whether it fits your needs or not. From our experience, the software true the value with uncompromised performance and user-friendliness. However, the results may not be same while taking your requirements on hand. So, have a look.

iSkysoft iMusic Interface

The interface of the software is nothing complicated and is very simple to navigate. As we’ve seen on many software’s, the interface is in a tabbed manner where the features are ordered one by one. Under the main categories, the sub-sections are there for implementing the correct values to the users, No matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced expert, the software still manages to dedicate a simple interface with only useful features there.

For discovering, downloading and managing music files, you just have to follow the simple steps that we are already familiar with many other software’s. A quick download button is placed near a record button on the top right side of the window, which looks like a great feature for the quick access to the functions. All in all, the interface is simple and user-friendly.

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iSkysoft iMusic Features

iSkysoft iMusic power packs a sprouted row of useful features that let you manage iTunes music, download music from YT and Spotify directly to your iPhone, iTunes or computer, record music on your computer, mac or phone, transfer music files between apple devices and iTunes, etc. Let’s explore them thoroughly.

Discover Music and Download Freely

iSkysoft iMusic Main interface

iSkysoft iMusic equipped with a built-in music library where the most popular artists, genres, and playlists are packed. You can download almost any music files for free from this huge collection. If you are looking for a free music file, Christmas songs or even a song for your kid, there is no way for not finding them on the iSkysoft iMusic library. Trueing the name, the software has a wide database of the files which will load instantly upon your filters that can be downloaded from a single button click.

Download Music from Over 3000 sites

iSkysoft iMusic Main Download Music

iMusic is capable enough of letting you download your favorite music files from 3000+ sites including YT, Spotify, Pandora, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Soundcloud, last.Fm, FB, etc. You could seamlessly download them on your Mac or PC without having the trouble of unstable internet connections or sloppy hardware. It is one of the best free music downloader available on the market. Downloading hottest video or MP3 files is just simple as pasting the URL into the given bar and clicking a button. The software does the remaining for you.

Record Songs and Playlists

iSkysoft iMusic Record

To record a song, you just have to navigate to the record tab and click on the record button placed on the bottom of the window. The software is enough intelligent in finding and adding the details including artist name, song title, year, and genre automatically. As a recording software, iSkysoft iMusic does the job nicely including the features like recording online radio, voice recording, and YT music recording.

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From our tests, the quality of the downloaded or recorded music files are very pleasing and has only a very less or no noise. When compared to other average audio recorders, the iSkysoft software is a step ahead in terms of the quality.

Transfer Music between Apple devices and iTunes

iSkysoft iMusic iPhone Transfer

iSkysoft iMusic let you transfer music files, playlists, Podcasts, iTunes U, or TV Shows, between the Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iTunes Library. No device limitations or compatibility issues are there that will make you search for another software. Complications are filtered off by the simple and easy to follow the wizard to share your favorites between the lovely apple devices. The newer version also supports transfer from and to the Android smartphones too.

Backup or Rebuild iTunes Library

iSkysoft iMusic Rebuild iTunes Library

Feared of the file lose? Or want to rebuild the broken iTunes library? Here is the solution on the iMusic which will let you Backup or Rebuild iTunes library and the files. No more hesitate to go for a new computer by leaving the old iTunes files on the old one. The software let you take all your stuff to the new device without losing even a single one. In case any of your files got a hit and not showing the thumbnails or showing any other errors, the software can do the job in a right way.

Fix Entire iTunes Library

As I mentioned in the above section, the software is cable of rebuilding the iTunes library. Then, what about a complete iTunes fix? Yes, the software can help in this case too. It can help you to clean up the dead or broken tracks on your iTunes Library, can help in fixing mislabeled songs, can help you adding missing covers automatically, even can help to remove duplicate tracks. Taking all to the account, a complete iTunes fix is possible by the software.

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A bunch of Other Useful Features

It’s not possible to describe each and every feature of the software due to some limitations. But, saying in a quick manner, the features like DRM removal, Music Converting, CD Buring, etc. are there sweetening the popularity of the software.

What users saying about the Software?

iSkysoft iMusic User Ratings


  • Easier way of finding and downloading music files
  • Music recorder
  • Can transfer music files regardless of the device support
  • Can rebuild or clean up iTunes and files
  • Can backup iTunes for a migration or recovery
  • A powerful toolbox with some useful tools
  • DRM Removal
  • CD Burning
  • Music Converter


  • Nothing special to notice as a Con


iSkysoft iMusic is recommended to those who need a complete solution for discovering, downloading, and managing music files alongside some additions like audio recording, DRM removal, music converting, etc. Based on our tests, the software worked well without showing any bugs which made us recommend it to you. So, if you wish, you could give a try by clicking on the following link.

Download iSkysoft iMusic

or Visit their website

iSkysoft iMusic – Download and Record Online Music with Ease
8.5 Overall
Value for money9

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